Why I Want to Transfer Essay and How to Write a Good One

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A transfer essay is a stand-alone type of academic paper, which is written whenever someone wants to change schools or colleges. Transferring from one academic institution to another is common, and there can be various reasons for doing that, for example, changing the place of living, stepping up one’s education, shifting academic focus, etc. Knowing why and how to write a perfect transfer essay is a decisive success factor in this endeavor.

How to write a good transfer essay

Just because we don’t normally transfer from one school to another every month or year, while for most of us, it may be a once-in-a-lifetime thing, means that most students lack the necessary skills and experience in writing this type of essay.

To write a winning transferring essay, you will need to understand a few important things:

  • Focus on how you can contribute to the new school rather than explaining why you want to leave the previous one. We know it’s hard, but it’s doable if you spend more time studying your desired school, including its curriculum and academic culture. Write clearly about your skills and talents and how those can fit into the school’s life.
  • Be brief and stay emotionally neutral when talking about reasons for leaving the current school. Never mention any quarrels or other tensions you might have had in the previous academic institution, as this might hamper your reputation.
  • Creativity over formality. In this type of essay, you don’t need to worry about including a thesis statement and arguments – they are not required, however, adding them won’t be wrong either. Just remember to stay focused on why you want to join the new school and reflect it in your statement.
  • Don’t be shy to seek assistance. Start with checking out some of the why do you want to transfer college essay examples, which you can find online. As this is a rather rare essay type, in some cases, you might consider hiring a professional writer to deliver you a bespoke paper or edit and proofread a sample of your own work.

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How to start a transfer essay

In case you are stuck wondering how to start your essay, here are a few recommendations.

Come up with a list of all possible reasons why do you want to write a transfer college essay. In essence, this is a brainstorming session that should help you get started. The more ideas you gather initially, the easier it will be for you to start writing. Nail them down to the most compelling reason and make it your thesis statement.

Start with your most ambitious goal. By showing the admission committee that you are highly motivated and can think strategically, you will immediately win their attention and perhaps also respect if you manage to explain how you are going to achieve that goal in the next paragraphs.

Be respectful and use polite opening clauses, such as ‘Dear Sirs/Madams’, or ‘To whom it may concern’. This will set the unique diplomatic tone for your entire essay and will help you stand out from all other applicants’ papers.