Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

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Sports Essay

A sports essay is similar in style and structure to other essays, but focuses content-wise on the dynamics of a certain sport. Though writing a sports argumentative essay topics probably sounds more fun and less academic than other college essays, it really does involve (a lot) more than just writing whatever you know about your favorite team. Start by learning as much as you can about the sport you plan to write about (even if you already watch every game of the season, do you know the history of the game? Or how the rules became what they are today? Also, speak to at least one player of the game who can give a very insightful perspective.

A Quality Sports Research Paper

A sports research paper, like any research paper, must start with a strong thesis. Present your thesis clearly and back it up with strong sources. Sources for a sports research paper may be considered credible by different standards than other research papers. For example, a scientific research paper must cite articles published in peer-reviewed journals with high impact factors.

For good sports research paper sources, consider:

  • Personal interviews with players, coaches, announcers, fans
  • First-hand observations of games, practices
  • Score cards and the statistics on the back of baseball cards
  • Sports hall of fame

Novel Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

There is a wide range of sports argumentative essay topics that are interesting to read and fun to write. For example, you may want to write about a historic rivalry, the use of drugs and steroids and the difficulty of regulation, or a more nuanced offshoot—should natural processes such as spending time at high altitudes to raise an athlete’s red blood cell count (which equals greater oxygen capacity which equals greater endurance) before an Olympic game be acceptable.

A Convincing Sports Persuasive Essay

In a sports persuasive essay, try to take a side that is not mainstream. Even if you don’t agree with the angle, it could be a fun and interesting challenge to argue it persuasively. For example, you may want to argue that there should be no cap on professional athletes’ salaries. The common opinion is that greediness taking sports far away from their wholesome, backyard beginnings. However, taking an economic, capitalist point of view, you can argue that supply and demand reigns, and if the market will bear exorbitant athlete salaries, there is no reason to prevent that. Regardless of your angle, support it with at least three convincing and independent reasons and many credible sources.

Maintaining High Standards: The Sports College Essay

A sports college essay is challenging because although the topic may seem more casual than other academic essays, college-level standards still apply. In order to succeed, make sure that no matter what your subject, the level of the language is high, and that the technical elements—spelling, grammar, etc.—are perfect. If you are using a style guide, adhere to it strictly. If this all sounds too overwhelming or time consuming, get in touch with Let the experts help you produce the highest quality sports college essay, always ready before the deadline, and on any topic of your choosing.