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Preacher’s Daughter Essay

I might not have had the ideal childhood, thus, it’s strange that I have always loved life. Life became a teacher for me at quite a young age because there was a stark contrast between my world and the world others lived in. The adversity didn’t only turn me into an acute observer but also helped me better understand the true nature of human emotions. Being a preacher’s daughter, I wore dresses that covered my whole body down to my ankles and was not allowed to wear pants or indulge in fashion trends like my classmates did.

I realized it quite early that I was subjected to different rules because that was my father’s decision. My father never realized that I might have been a preacher’s daughter but I was not very different from my classmates in terms of dreams and wishes. I still remember feeling as an outcast while my classmates would celebrate Christmas. These experiences taught me that what matters more are not the society’s conventional rules or traditions but the freedom to pursue dreams and seek happiness.

I grew up with five other siblings and would always wear the clothes handed down by them. In addition, I always had to share things with others and was forced to take care of my niece so that her mom could go to college. I would never mind the fact that I was tasked with taking care of my niece but I did desire appreciation for the sacrifices I was making. I did desire to be valued and to be entrusted with confidence.

But no one ever told me I could go to college and make it big in life. Instead, I would be reminded time again and again that I was not capable of meeting the challenges of a college life and in addition, there was no one to take care of the niece. I would marvel at the way my sacrifices would be turned into an obligation but I also understood that words matter little to those who are not in touch with their humanity. These experiences taught me that the world doesn’t notice you unless you speak with your actions and encouraged me to turn my disappointment into a motivation to get college degree.

I am now a mother of two beautiful children, a thirteen year old boy and a twelve year old girl. Just as we try to build a better world for future generations, I am determined to build a better world for my children. I want them to grow as individuals who do not only live for themselves but also for others. I want them to believe that they can do anything they put their mind to and should define themselves rather than letting circumstances define them. I will also set personal examples for them that life puts us to test so that we can better understand ourselves and our strengths.

My life experiences have also made me more sensitive to the problems of the society and one day I hope to financially support academic goals of individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds. I believe one’s destiny should not be determined by his/her place or birth or family background and the perfect society is one which gives equal shot at success to everyone.

I am a huge believer in the power of knowledge and I learnt early in life that education doesn’t only take place in classrooms but every second of life. As I learnt more about myself, people, and the society, I felt empowered to be a source of positive change in the world. I might have born as a preacher’s daughter and had to live according to the rules set by others but education liberated and empowered me. I hope to leave my life lessons to my children so that they also realize their true potential and get the most out of life.