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Essay samples and examples are a great tool for getting a general understanding and useful tips on how certain type of college papers should be written, structured and formatted. However, nothing is as effective in getting the whole picture for yourself as reviewing an example or sample of a paper written by a first-class scholar. Therefore, for your convenience has designed this page, which contains manuals and guidelines of academic papers on the most popular topics for absolutely free. Just click the topic that you are interested in, and you will get access to our free essay samples and examples.

Critical Analysis Essay Example

The purpose of a critical analysis essay is to assess the student’s ability to evaluate a work of art or literature without bias. This essay differs from a typical report because you have to go in-depth on the literary devices used in the composition.  So, you have to go through a critical analysis essay example…

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Tok Essay Example

Students offering the International Baccalaureate program have to complete the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) essay as part of their curriculum. A student loses the opportunity to obtain their diploma if they don’t reach the minimum requirement on their TOK essay. So, not only is this essay important, but it is also challenging to write. The…

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Argumentative Essay Template

Argumentative essays assess the student’s ability to evaluate a subject matter and take a stance in favor of or against the point of view.  Once you find out the topic of your essay, create an outline to guide you on arranging your work.     1 Standard argumentative essay template: Introduction Essay hook. This can…

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Argumentative Essay Sample Pdf

An argumentative essay is one of the most standard types of essays written in academia. The portrayal of different perspectives helps in a wholesome approach to analyzing evidence. As a result, writing an argumentative essay requires a proper arrangement of facts to maximize impact. Argumentative essays also fall within the category of essays that do…

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Night Essay Examples

Books from any era often cover the zeitgeist. By reading them, one can notice recurring patterns and understand the mentality of the people living in those periods. So, when discussing such periods, one should pay attention to the cornerstone events that defined those times.  Almost a decade after the end of World War II, Elie…

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Book vs Movie Essay

In popular culture, the arguments about the ability of movies to accurately portray the emotions in a book are never-ending. While most critics claim that movies trade authenticity for entertainment, others believe that movies help the readers to assimilate the information in written form. For a book like “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” this…

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Self-Identity Essay

Self-identity is a collection of ideas that defines an individual. This concept embodies everything a person deduces after a wholesome evaluation of their past and current beliefs and personality traits. An undetermined amount of the individual’s beliefs develop as a result or in spite of the situations surrounding their upbringing. The idea of self-identity is…

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Cause and Effect Essay Examples

A cause and effect essay explores the reason for something that happened and the consequences of the occurrence. This kind of essay is often part of another essay or complete stand-alone work. The student’s ability to get to the root of the problem through careful analysis is what matters most.     1 2 How…

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