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A Different Kind of Tour for Victoria Beckham,” by Rachel Brown (with contributions by Holly Haber) appeared in WWD on November 29, 2012. The article explores Victoria Beckham’s career in fashion design and pinpoints a few key marketing strategies that have contributed to its success. I chose this article because it shows the importance of personal marketing and promotion in fashion today.

Ads and fashion campaigns showcasing the clothing is not enough when it comes to small, high-end designer brands- they need a personal touch. This personal touch comes in the form of leg work by the designer to travel to stores and shows all over the world so she can build relationships with her retailers and clients. Victoria Beckham, this article reports, is a pro at the intimate, social gatherings suggesting that upwards of 60% of Beckham’s increased sales were a result of these private, relationship-building events.

Beckham’s clientele is extremely exclusive so her events are less for publicity than truly connecting with retailers and customers. The article also talks about the importance of a designer looking the part to attract customers. Victoria Beckham, Brown writes, has “transitioned successfully from Posh Spice to luxury-sector designer at least in part because customers trust her style instincts.” Beckham makes conscious and careful wardrobe decisions to reassure her customers that what she produces is also what she wears. This has allowed her to leave her past celebrity as a Spice Girl behind and now be recognized in many places solely as a successful designer.

In addition to small, private events and personal appearance of the designer, the third key to Beckham’s success the article states is purposefully tight distribution. By keeping the stock of clothing available to a minimum Beckham ensures the exclusivity of her brand to her customers as they fight to get a hold of new releases.

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