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Essay on painting is written by Visual Arts students as coursework. A painting essay can talk about techniques, and styles. Concepts of chiaroscuro and impressionism can be discussed in a painting essay. That painting is still one of the most valuable forms of art could well be the bedrock of a painting essay. Different types of painting essay focus on different artistic styles; so a painting essay assignment offers a wide choice of subjects.

There are painting essays and painting essays: there are those which compare the art of painting with photography; those that delve into the art’s techniques; and yet other essays on painting that focus on the variety of paints and brushes and tools alone. An important fact which a painting essay could highlight is the emotional component of a painting.

A painting is all about expression; and the painting essay must clearly convey this truth. An essay on painting cannot ignore famous painters – Renoir, Rembrandt, Picasso, and Leonardo da Vinci etc. Of course a single painting essay will be inadequate to cover these greats; a series of essays on paintings might begin to do them justice.

Doing an essay on painting?

It is rumored that there are painted essays; and that a painting essay makes mention of this delightful aberration. Alas there is no proof for such a claim, and no such thing as an essay within a painting or a painting within an essay exists! But a painting essay has enough and more in the real world to talk about.

A painting essay could focus on contemporary art and artists; then again, a painting essay could delve into the world of the Masters and their Muses. But finally an essay about painting cannot but conclude that whatever its inspiration, a thing of beauty is a joy forever.

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