Essay on Accident Prevention

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Safety and Accident Prevention Essay

A project on safety and accident prevention is prone to imitations from workmates and it is necessary to ensure maximum protection of my original work. It is disheartening to find a colleague presenting part or the entire ideas that I have developed as their own. An incidence in which one of my coworkers has presented my work as his in the organization would mean I defend my work is by ensuring that it is plagiarism free (, 2013).

The first way to authenticate the work as my original piece is through marking the words of someone else with the letter Q and the use of large quotation marks. This concept is set to differentiate my work from that of my coworker who would copy without paying attention to details (Frankel, 2002).

The second way is through identification of the part of my work that utilizes different sources with the letter S, and mark my thoughts in the paper with “ME.” Finally, all the works retrieved from different sources shall be identified in my notes, for example, web sources, books, magazines, journals, and many other sources. Placing the above information in my hand written notes shall be essential in defending the project as my original work and differentiating it from that presented by my coworker (Neville, 2007).

Citation is an essential part of college coursework and especially in academic writing as reflected by the use of APA format. Essentially, citation helps the readers identify the ideas and words used in a particular work borrowed from other authors (Lipson, 2011). Readers are at a position to find additional information from the citation included while at the same time ensuring that the work can be authenticated. The APA format provides the name or names of authors, the year of publication, place of publication and the publisher (Neville, 2007). This is helpful in the identification of any information presented in a particular work.


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