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Strong Personal Skills and Certification are Key to becoming a successful project leader

The importance of implementation a performance management system. A group charter is the importance of communication prior to implementing a performance management system. A communication that involves responses, feedbacks, and comments on a topic is what makes an opportunity. The group charter is a group of selected persons participating in a group and facilitates a performance management system.

The selected persons are the members that have successfully met the objectives for facilitating a developing plan. In the group charter, members who have acquired the experience in their area of expertise, knowledge bases, and project management skills, excluding the judgment and biases decisions on the diversity of races, nationality, cultural norms, and disabilities, in which, all of these backgrounds extends the qualifications to participate in the group charter.

For some, judgments and biases are useful to defer the preference differences . Describing the components on the area of expertise, knowledge bases, and project management skills which (Hoffman,2003) provides the understanding on the contents required in the implementation phase:

  1. A professional who has an area of expertise that enable to do the job and it means that a professional have taken the formal education, training, and problem-solving skills;
  2. A professional who has his/her own knowledge bases may assist in creating ways to scrutinize, synthesize, and synopsize a specific task(s);
  3. A professional who is trained to acquire the project management skills are also is delineated to take the leadership responsibility.

For instance, a group charter leader is required to include the planning and outlining the tasks; To schedule the target dates for the specific tasks, and finding resources for the tasks, when there is a correction; And, to minimize the solution options for the tasks.

Once a group charter leader is assigned to the responsibility to lead and to direct the members. Concordantly, all of the responsibilities are delegated to the subordinates or members. The Leader expects that each member have an ability to utilize and to contribute his or her knowledgeable skill sets prior implementating the performance management system (Hameri, et al.,2002)

Common challenges of implementing a performance management system: Multiculturalism, Intelligence, and Constructive criticism.

Normally, during the implementation process, the members are in process to get to know one another. Each explores one’s cultural preferences and responses to individual’s attributes and analyzes the characterizations of synergetic articulation and awareness. The characterization of interests are: Originality, Adaptability, Complex of Perceptive, Knowledge, Comprehension, Teamwork, Leadership, Reliability, Written and Oral Communication, and Productivity.

These characters reflect the ability to make a progress in productivity. Therefore, in introspective, this is a context in the multiculturalism, which appreciates the openness to the constructive norms, and understand the cultural factors of how each member may perceive on one another. Gido ( et al., 2006) explicates the purpose of educating the members on the multiculturalism ethical implications of the sustainable body.

That is in ways of which the normative variations have endorsed the policies, principals, and guidelines for the members to acknowledge the normative variations amongst group. From the standpoint of expediency and effectiveness, in a diversity of applications, that extends the perception on multiculturalism and intelligence. For instance, if a member has a weakness in his/her area of expertise, she or he should inform the members of its’ dispositions in regards to impediment on a task that cannot move on to the next task during implementation phase. ‘

Because of this important skill for a specific task that has not carried out and being held back on the disclosure of personal information on his/her area of weakness in his/her area of expertise. Therefore, in ones view, it would mean that this member have had berates the team for not releasing his/her dispositions in his/her area of expertise. It is obvious that this member do not want to understand the value of communication.

Though, not always the case, critically, a member may not say things clearly, for example, one would say, “ I know that you believe that you understand what you thought you heard me say. But what you don’t realize is that what you thought you heard is not what I meant.” Such stance is also a constructive criticism. A misunderstanding statement that presents a confusion and a challenge for those who do not have the clue or an idea on how to take action from that point.

To some, viewed this interpretation is an act of formidable coercion that took place, a thoughtless effort, to make an action. Members may viewed this interpretation as a simply just a confusion, not by intention, encouraged ones’ illustration in building trust among members. Instead, the group charter leader and members must find ways to create a transparency diversion in order to be productive in implementating the performance management system.


Ways organizations can use assessment results to enhance productivity. Three courses of actions an organization can use to assess the development of performance management system are by: reanalyzing the situation, resetting priorities, and reevaluating the expediency and effectiveness. Computer Weekly (2003) suggested a structured method to design a decision making steps which the steps are: The first course of action is for the group is to reanalyze a situation that have a defined problem, clearly state the problem, and minimize the alternative solutions to the problem in which the resources are usually are the solution to the problem.

The resources can be found through an existing product, material, and or documents created by the predecessors (i.e., Executive director, senior board managers, and departmental managers). Then, the group resets the priorities that are necessary to make changes on tasks based on the economic and legal factors (labor laws changes) that support the validity of the system.

Legally, this is an attempt to reduce the cost of fraud, abuse, and waste by creating a performance management system to help employees to follow the Federal and State laws. The last course for the group is to re-evaluate the expediency and effectiveness in the implementation stage, to employ in an exigency (a shift in finding the right resource for the task) which omits the obligations and act in accordance with expediency. Simply put, a strategy for employees to be effective in their work performance.


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