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No More Parking Excuses Essay

Parking has been a serious problem in most departments prompting most parking departments to improve their parking in order to provide parking services that are excellent to both the motorists and other road users. There is also the need to focus on this without increasing the spending and learning to live on small budgets.

This has proven to be a tall order that has forced most parking operators to resort tor various ways and alternatives to solving this problem. Most of alternatives are costly while other is cost effective. Most common though expensive methods are the on-street parking, car part payment machines.

One of the most working a technology that has been adopted by most parking operators and that has more befits is the mobile phone technology. This technology is seen as more efficient and working clear in revenue collection. It is also more environmentally friendly and a offer convenient choices to operators.

All the motorist are provided parking services that are cashless that are provided by those operators that provide cashless services and products that are provided by this mobile technologies that are accessible and come in wide range. These technologies come from as simple platforms as IVR payment, smartphone apps, NFC tags and QR codes which have attracted both repeat and new users.

These services have reduced both the costs incurred by most operators offering the services and enjoy increase in their streams of income. This income comes mainly from the main parking charges unlike from mainly those from display machines and high-maintenance pay. This cashless parking services offer a lot of efficiencies in the marking some relay mainly on cashless parking offered by local retailers

Highly cashless parking services has come with a lot of effects like incremental benefits to the environment like reduced vans on the road that have always been used in collection of revenues collected from the parking fees on cars parked. The level of carbon emitted has also reduced significantly based on the reduced number of cars on the road.

The process of integrating mobile phone and parking technology has also seen the seen the introduction other things like sensors on the road used as parking sensors. This sensors are wireless and are fitted on the surface of the parking space to show whether the space has been used. This information is then sent to the central database showing how many spaces have been used and those not used.

This information is real time and came been used to a great effect in helping the motorist in knowing which parking space is still available for parking as the same information can be re-laid on a map. This does increase the revenue collected apart from reducing the time taken to park and reduce congestion. Expired parking sessions can also be detected easily and charges levied accordingly.

Example of a parking solution is The SFpark Project as shown in the illustration below. In SFpark is a project that provide real time parking solutions in San Francisco. The project has succeeded in collection of revenue and providing real time parking solutions that has helped greatly in the reduction of traffic congestion through adjustment of parking fee. This has also helped in the optimization of space available for parking.

For this information the amount of space available for parking to be collected on time, parking sensors have been used. Parking transactions and fees will then be used with all this available in one place. This has made it easy for quick changes to be made and interactions can be monitored and related with various paring eco-systems.

In order to achieve the most optimal and right parking levels, SFpark provide the cheapest parking fees. This is contrary to what has been in the case in cases where parking space is limited and the parking rates are very high. The rate there changes depending on the availability of space and the amount of cars that need to be parked. The price therefore be increased only if there is high demand for parking and lowered if there is a lot of space. All these information also found for motorists through their smartphones making it easy for the parking to be done.

Since the introduction of this parking technology, there have enormous opportunities available for all operators and motorists who have been able to get motorists to the parking space more quickly and efficiently. The amount of time used in looking for a parking space has been used making it more beneficial and time friendly and reduction of congestions and amount of carbon emitted. This also makes its enjoyable frequenting the place for parking since it’s secure and more enjoyable.

The greatest beneficiaries are however the operators who are able to respond greatly to the demand for parking space through monitoring of the space available and being able to adjust the parking fee accordingly depending on the demand for space. This has enabled them to maximize on the revenue collected hence able to deliver more efficiencies and reduce on wastages.

In conclusion, innovative cashless parking solution has greatly helped in solving two problems that is knowing the about of space available and the having the right information that will enable timely adjustment of parking fee to suit the demand for parking space. This in the end result has benefited both the motorists and the business men (operators).


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