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Writing is the foundation of every educational program. We start to write academic texts as soon as we enter a school or college (in fact, we do it earlier, as part of elementary education and application processes) and continue to do so and to improve our writing skills till graduation and beyond. An educational essay is the basic type of academic writing, and it is so ubiquitous that one cannot imagine an educational process without it.  

Purpose of Education Essay

Education essay serves as the medium of academic communication between students and teachers. It trains us in critical and creative thinking and teaches us to address practical and theoretical problems, as well as to express our thoughts clearly and concisely. The purpose of a higher education essay is similar to a high school one, with the only difference being that its length and complexity are higher.

The higher education essay prepares students for their degree works and research projects. So, the writing skills obtained early on become highly useful in the later college years and scientific work beyond college education. Professors at college will often task students with writing various essay types, including persuasive essay, compare and contrast essay, expository, definition, argumentative, and many other types of education essays.    

Importance of Education Essay

The importance of college education essay is hard to overestimate. If you think that writing is one of the many things that are becoming obsolete in the age of the Internet, then you are not seeing the whole picture. An educational essay adapts to the requirements of the modern age, and professors are increasingly asking their students to write essays on modern topics and in brief forms. The letter format is especially topical for internet blogging and business correspondence, where the ability to express oneself concisely and clearly is the key merit.

Those students who skipped the most important lessons on essay writing in school will struggle in every single aspect of their career ladder, as this is when employers demand employees to write various reports, motivational letters, project documentation, and so on. Education essay writing skills will especially become handy when someone decides to pursue a scholarship career.     

Education Essay Examples

Education essay examples are ubiquitous; however, it takes an experienced eye and a deep understanding of the topic to find a really worthy example (or better, several). 

Below is a great example of an education essay (a personal statement) by an applicant to the University of Alberta in the US. The guy does a great job of matching his interests and passions with the University’s programs and culture. Spoiler: he was accepted to the geology program and has passed his application tests with flying colors. Who knows, maybe the application essay was the key factor in his success.

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Education essay is not just a fancy word or an ordinary college assignment; it is a highly effective training tool and a vital element of every educational program. We learn to write essays from our early years in school and train this skill to perfection while in college and university. Virtually every structural element of an education essay is a miniature copy of more substantial research projects and degree papers that all students have to write at the dawn of their college life. The better one learns education essay writing as a freshman, the easier it will be to graduate and to continue professional aspirations beyond academia.