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Compare ready samples with your papers and improve them

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Before you describe something, you need to understand the physical characteristics of that subject. In school, descriptive essays help the user to harness their ability to share information about something with other people.

When you search for descriptive essay examples, you will find a few useful articles to help you shape your paper.

How to get better at writing descriptive essays

A descriptive essay should help the reader learn more about a subject or person than they already know.

So, follow the guidelines below for a better essay:

Conduct a fact-finding mission

To write an engrossing descriptive essay, you need to gather as much information about the topic as possible from descriptive essay examples. Don’t play it safe; find obscure information that is not common knowledge about the subject. Also, include relatable characteristics of the subject or place in your description so that the reader can follow your thought process.

Paint a mental picture

A good descriptive essay makes use of many literary devices to create a better impact. Also, choose words that convey your message without ambiguity.

  1. Bad description: “I hate dogs without owners.”
  2. Good description: “The sight of stray dogs makes my skin crawl.”

In example B, the use of personification provides a sensation similar to what the reader has experienced, thus delivering the message perfectly.

Don’t fall in love with your words

Always remember that you are describing the subject for your audience and not yourself. If you feel that the description is bland, don’t hesitate to spice it up. If a word you are attached to weakens the impact of the sentence, use a better-fitted synonym.

To sum up, the guidelines from this descriptive essay sample will come to your rescue any time.