Cause and Effect Essay Examples

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A cause and effect essay explores the reason for something that happened and the consequences of the occurrence. This kind of essay is often part of another essay or complete stand-alone work. The student’s ability to get to the root of the problem through careful analysis is what matters most.

How to structure a cause and effect essay

For clarity, you need to arrange your essay using one of these two standard formats.

The block format

This essay structure involves listing the causes first and then the effects eventually. Both sections are demarcated using transition words to signify that the preceding section contains a different thought pattern. The best-fitting transition words for this situation include:

  • Consequently
  • Subsequently
  • As a result

The chain format

This essay format involves listing the causes and then following up with the effects in the same sentence or the next one. This writing style focuses on negating the preceding statement; so, transition words are necessary, just like in the block format.

These arrangements will provide a compelling flow of your ideas in the paper. Whatever style you go with, follow the same pattern till the end of the essay.

Good cause and effect essay topics

If you don’t know when to write an essay to discuss the cause and effects of a concept, always pay attention to the essay prompt. The hints are always located in the title.

For example: “Explain the reasons for global warming and how it will affect future generations.”

Choose your preferred outline before you start writing because it will make the task easier. The most important aspect of writing the essay is to maintain a coherent flow in your paper.