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Compare ready samples with your papers and improve them

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The APA writing style is commonly used for formatting scientific, academic papers and essays. In the latest edition (7th edition), a lot of changes have been made to accommodate the changing landscape in academic writing.

Therefore, you should use an up-to-date APA essay template if you want the professor to accept your essay.

Key changes to the standard APA essay template

It is important to remember that the APA style has two different formats for students and professionals. The differences between both styles are minor but will still be highlighted when they appear.

Overall paper formatting

  1. The acceptable fonts now include Times New Roman 12pt, Calibri 11pt, Arial 11pt, and Lucida Sans Unicode 10.
  2. You no longer need to include the “Running head:” on the title page (for student papers). Instead, you can only mention the paper title and page number.
  3. Also, the new APA style allows the use of gender-neutral pronouns instead of ‘he or she’.

Old: “The professor shared his or her opinion on the matter.”

New: “The professor shared their opinion on the matter.”

References and in-text citations

  1. For works by multiple authors, you can write down up to 20 of the initials instead of the previous limit of seven.
  2. Also, the in-text citation of works by many authors should include the name of one author, followed by ‘et al.’. Old: (Connell, Kaycee, & Hart, 2015) New: (Connell et al., 2015)
  3. You no longer need to include the location of publication in the reference list.
  4. No need to add “Retrieved from” before a URL.
  5. The publishing company’s name has substituted the name of the ebook reader.

In conclusion, the modern APA essay template eliminates some of the redundant formatting methods in the old version. It addresses the modern linguistic and technological issues associated with accessing online publications. Spend your time practicing with this new APA outline until you become a pro.