Abnormal Psyhology Essay

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Given that the patient has a family-health background related to depression and anxiety disorders, the patient is expected to develop the same symptoms of the said abnormalities especially when faced with certain uncomfortable situations. Understandably, it could be understood that the patient should be fully given attention to especially when it comes to the reactions that he has upon common stressors that have been proven affective to his development during the observation process.


Although the patient seems okay especially in relation to the normal activities he handles every day, there are particular assumptions that certain tasks make him feel uncomfortable resulting to the depressive reaction that he has been developing for the past few years. These instances should be observed and fully understood to be able to help the patient recover from the situation fully.


Reactions and responses to situations he needs to deal with is essential in the process of providing him with more positive options that would motivate him to be better than the kind of person he is at present.


Although there are instances when the patient seems focused on the matter presented to him, it is evident that there are thoughts in his mind that shows through his actions which makes the concentration on the therapy quite impossible. To improve his concentration, it is important to push common basis of the procedures every now and then.

Humanistic and existential

One of the most common sources of stress of the patient is his concentration and concern for ethics and the evaluation that others are placing upon him. In this case, it is assumed that in the process of helping him recover from such abnormality, it is important to assist him to realize the realities and importance of making mistakes, learning from them and ignoring the criticisms that are not necessary to be given attention to.

Family system

Coming from a destructive family, the patient was brought up under the impacting effect of brutal verbal conversations. Even though physical abuse was not part of the patient’s history, it is expected that the background of his family system does have an influence on how he sees himself and how he values what others think of him as a person.

Diversity: Cultural

Belonging to a social minority, the patient feels he needs to work hard to fit in the society he is living in. Without the capacity to reach to the level of social acceptance he desires, the depression he feels escalates. In relation to the discussion of psychological elements mentioned, it is assumed that the cognitive factor describes the patient’s problems best. Relatively, it is through the capacity of the individual to decide how to learn from every mistake and accept every fact that comes along the way that his personal and social dilemma could be controlled.