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Essay writing is so widespread at high schools and colleges that there is hardly any student on Earth who has never written at least a few essays during their college life. Professors from universities use essays as a basis for testing students’ knowledge and skills in a wide range of disciplines. If you are one of those students overloaded with essay assignments, this page is your best find. Here, you will find hundreds of essay examples on all popular academic topics and disciplines. Moreover, has made sure that all visitors of this page will also find here plenty of essay writing tutorials, references, guides, and other studying materials to cover all their academic needs. Bookmark this page to be able to return here the next time you will be facing a difficult essay task or will just be overwhelmed with multiple other assignments, leaving no time for essay tasks.

APA Essay Template

The APA writing style is commonly used for formatting scientific, academic papers and essays. In the latest edition (7th edition), a lot of changes have been made to accommodate the changing landscape in academic writing. Therefore, you should use an up-to-date APA...