The Reality of Being a Student in 2020

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2020 has been a heck of a ride for everyone, and the academic community has not been left unscathed. Students had to quickly adjust to the new virtual learning experience while managing the emotional stress of the global pandemic. While the world is slowly returning to regular life, students have to face the stark reality – nothing will ever remain the same. 

If you are in school or planning to enroll, here are some things you need to know about the current state of colleges?

1?? Strict health measures have been normalized

Just like it was during the pandemic’s peak, social-distancing measures are being observed in classrooms and public spaces on campus. Students have to wear masks when in contact with others. Also, returning students will have to go through the compulsory quarantine period before integrating into the main fold.

2?? Most classes will be held online

Furthermore, some colleges have shifted classes to online classrooms despite allowing students to live on campus. And the number of occupants in auditoriums of face-to-face learning has been decreased by a third of the regular capacity. Although most students will be attending ‘hybrid’ classes, the experience is not the same.

3?? Students won’t be paying any less

Most parents are complaining that they should be paying less since the quality of education has decreased significantly. Also, students are concerned about their decreased academic performances due to the abrupt change in the system. Nonetheless, most universities are not planning on reducing the cost of tuition or accommodation.  

4?? More people will need help

Remember that the pandemic affected a lot of families directly and indirectly. So, most of your colleagues might be going through a rough patch. Also, stress and anxiety will become common as students struggle to adjust to the new status quo. Let’s try to be considerate and understanding of our neighbors. Reach out to a counselor if you need assistance. 

5?? Improved digital skills

On a more positive note, most students will return to the new academic year with improved digital skills because of their constant interaction with technology. Also, the increased unemployment rate due to the pandemic will force students to focus more on ‘non-contact’ jobs.

In general, students will need some time to recover from the rapid change in their regular life. Although things might eventually return to normal, a lot of changes will occur in the way things are run on college campuses.