How to Write an Academic Paper?

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Our experts from BookWormLab tried hard to make you inspired!

Our experts from BookWormLab tried hard to make you inspired!

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How to Cope with Your College Assignments?

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How to Write a Top-grade Academic Paper?

What are the main steps in completing any academic paper, be it an essay, a research paper or a thesis? They are the following:

  • Choose a topic. Whatever task you have to complete, make sure your topic is specific enough to cover sufficiently.Your instructor may provide you with a topic or a list of topics to choose from.
  • Develop a thesis statement. You should clearly state the main idea of research paper, essay or thesis.
  • Search  for sources.  Web sites, books, magazines, academic or professional journals, online databases, articles,interviews with experts, etc.
  • Perform research.Read over all of your sources and take good notes.
  • Compose an outline. It usually includes your thesis statement, main points and facts, and evidence which support your main points.
  • Write a rough draft. Almost every academic paper consists of three parts, which are: an introduction, body, and a conclusion.
  • Revise the paper and develop a final draft. Read it twice, so you can check grammar and punctuation and see if the text is coherent.
  • Provide a works cited page. Depending on the formatting required (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc) you will have to get familiar with citation style.

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