How to Compose Successful MLA Style Research Papers?

Discover tips and find info about How to Compose Successful MLA Style Research Papers?

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Professional Writing of Your Research Papers in MLA Style

In the course of your essay writing experience you will be asked to format most of your High School, College and University English and humanities papers with accordance to the MLA research paper writing style, which bases the academic paper formatting on the following guidelines:

  • Using easy to read 12-pt fonts like Times New Roman, Ariel or courier;
  • Double spacing throughout the paper;
  • Consecutive page numbering, starting with the first page;
  • Left justifying the text of the paper;
  • Setting each paper’s header with the author’s last name and the page number in the upper right corner of the page;
  • Putting the full title of the paper on the first page centered;
  • Leaving one space after all punctuation, unless advices otherwise by the professor.

Unique MLA Style Papers’ Specifics

The main difference of the MLA style research papers from APA style papers is that the title page and the abstract are not required for papers with this format. This basically means that your essay paper begins on the first page of the paper. It is also important to note that each and every A+ quality MLA college essay begins in accordance with the following identifications: Author’s of the paper name Professor’s name Class Name Date assignment is due

MLA Style Papers Work Cited Page

When creating a Work Cited page for the proper citation of all of the used sources in the paper, be sure to keep up with the following guidelines:

  • Double-space throughout the Work Cited page;
  • Alphabetize references by the first word of the entry;
  • Provide the author’s name as it appears on the title page, not using initials for the names given in full;
  • Capitalize all significant words in titles;
  • List only those sources referenced in the text of the paper;
  • Underline titles of the books, plays, pamphlets, periodicals, films, compact discs, paintings;
  • Put in quotation marks the titles of the articles, essays, short stories, poems, chapters of the books, songs.

The Importance of Proper MLA Style Papers Formatting

The proper compliance with the MLA format will not only make your persuasive essay, argumentative essay, definition essay as well as comparison essay look professional and academically correct, but will also ensure that all of the sources used in the papers are properly cited as plagiarism and inaccurate citations are in no way acceptable in the course of your essay writing experience.