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Essay writing is an art, which requires patience and practice. An essay is essentially an opinion backed by facts. Beginning with an essay introduction, an essay proceeds to the body where the arguments are placed and analyzed, and finally the conclusion culminates what the author has tried to convey through the essay. As in any form of writing, the introduction of an essay is its most important part as it is the author’s first contact with the readers.

Essay Introduction Format

Although different essays have different introductions, they have a common purpose that is to attract the reader’s attention and compel him or her to read further. While some essays directly begin with a description of the topic, others pose a question to the readers whose answer is provided in the body of the essay. While an argumentative essay would begin by outlining the writer’s stand on the subject, an admission essay would introduce you and your accomplishments to the reader and a college essay would begin just like a typical application. Similarly, a family essay could begin by posing a question like ‘what is a family’ or it may also begin with a description of a family.

Essay Introduction Writing

A student can be asked to write an essay on a variety of topics. Whatever the subject, the introduction is the most vital part of an essay. You could begin a career essay by writing about the career of your choice. A literary essay like a heart of darkness essay or a revolution essay would be stylized more like a fiction where the main point comes later in the body of the essay. Joseph Conrad’s heart of darkness essay speaks about European imperialism in Africa in the 1890s, and its introduction is stylized like a story. Similarly, the introduction of a revolution essay, which can be based on any historical incident, should begin with the depiction of the actual revolution that took place in the past.

Essay Introduction Example

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