Architecture Dissertation Help

As we all know, architects are very creative people and architecture dissertation is more of an empirical research than a creative project. But no worries, will save the day and do all the boring work for you, while you can spend your extra free time working on a new Eiffel Tower or Sydney Opera House!

Architecture Dissertation Structure

All dissertations have a common structure of the written part. This structure is the basis for all your work, it is your plan and your guideline. The plan usually consists of the following chapters:

    • introduction
    • literature review
    • methodology
    • analysis
    • conclusion

You may expand your plan and include more points that you and your supervisor find necessary.

The other part of your work usually depends on the requirements your faculty gives. It could be the actual construction of a building model or a virtual presentation of your project or anything else – it depends on your subject. We cannot help you with the practical part but we can do a great job with the theoretical one! We have written dozens of dissertations and we know how it must be done!

Choosing the Topic of Your Architecture Dissertation

Picking up a topic is one of the trickiest tasks to do. It should be precise, self-explanatory and, what’s most important, interesting for you. Nothing stimulates and encourages the scholar in his/her research more than the passion for the theme. Having worked with many dissertation topics, we would like to give you some advice on how to choose one:

      • Some ideas occur in your head when you least expect them! Develop a habit of writing down all interesting dissertation topics you come up with while riding a bus home or working.
      • Subscribe to a few architecture journals to get the latest news of the field. Exploring a new current phenomenon in architecture is an excellent idea for a dissertation!
      • Surf the Internet. You will be surprised how much useful information you can get online! Blogs of famous architects or announcements about current exhibitions – anything might inspire you!
      • Choose the topic related to your career ambitions, for example, if you dream about building high rises in future – write a dissertation about them! Studying the history and the peculiarities of such an architectural phenomenon will get you one step closer to your dream!
      • Consult with your supervisor. Faculty members have more experience in architecture by default, so it’s obvious they know all about the current trends of architecture development.
      • Do some research on the desirable topic to learn what has been discovered already and if there are any gaps you could fill with your architecture dissertation.

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