Writing a Personal Statement for Law School

When applying to a law school, you will be asked to write a personal statement. In essence, it’s an ordinary personal statement, which you would typically write to any other school, college, or university, but with some peculiarities. In this statement, you need to show the admission committee members why you are a perfect candidate for their law program.

If you are short of ideas about what to include in your statement and don’t know where to start – you have come across the right article!

Writing law school personal statement – the basics

The people who work on the admission committee are looking for candidates who are truly committed to the law profession. This is why in your personal statement you must show passion and thoughtfulness and prove why you are a good candidate for admission. This paper is your best opportunity to introduce yourself and get noticed among hundreds, if not thousands, of other candidates.

There are no strict requirements on the personal statement’s format. You may even not get a clear topic or a prompt, to begin with. Your imagination and the ability to express yourself clearly and effectively are the key prerequisites for success. Though, you must keep in mind that a law school personal statement is no place for lyrics or jokes – keep your phrases short and your thoughts flow tight, as we would normally expect from someone who wants to pursue a law degree.

In a personal statement to a law school, it is especially important to avoid grammatical errors and formatting chaos. This is because a single mistake or ambivalence in a seemingly unimportant word in a pivotal law document can cost millions of USD in the big business world. That’s why, the best piece of advice here is to always aim for a good template first, make an outline, and finish your work with thorough editing.

Law school personal statement sample

When writing a personal statement to a law school, stick to the following principles:

  1. A clear personal statement – you need to tell why you want to pursue a law degree and why you want to study in this school. Make it the central part of your introduction.
  2. Your motivation and rationale – when backing your statement with information, be sure to show your motivation and explain why you think you fit into this profession. If you need to give an example from your life, be short and clear. Make your words count!
  3. Your writing skills matter. Check against some of the best law personal statement examples – they are all written in a concise, but elegant writing style. If you want to stand out, your statement has to be even better than the very best sample out there.
  4. The goals for the future. Always let the committee guys know about your goals for education and future career. They need to see you as a strategic thinker and one who is not afraid to set and achieve ambitious goals.
  5. Your academic and personal background. Sometimes it is good to include this information in your personal statement, even though it might not be perfect, and you’ll need to twist it in your favor.

Law school personal statement help

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