Do My Book Report For Me

My book report needs to be written and I want it to be compelling but I am not sure where to start.  Although I could do all of it on my own, can I hire a professional academic writer to do my book report for me?  The answer is yes but I would still need to do all the research to coordinate with my book report so it flows properly.

With so many possible topics, I have narrowed my book report to three, also it must be Non-fiction book report.

First, I may write a “who moved my cheese book report.”  For this, my book report would cover four characters living in a maze to include two mice, Scurry and Sniff, and two mice-sized people, Hem and Haw.  In my book report, I would discuss the challenge faced when their piece of cheese vanishes.  While a unique book, I feel my book report on this book would be interesting, educational, and fun.

I am also thinking about writing a “my side of the mountain book report”. The focus of my book report would be about a boy who leaves home to live in the mountains. Then, my book report would discuss how this boy learns to live off the land, but more importantly, how he becomes independent but eventually goes back home.  I felt writing my book report on this would be excellent because it offers a great life lesson for kids of all ages.

The third choice was doing a “my sisters keeper book report”.  While the other two would be great choices, I am leaning on doing my book report on this one.  The reason is that this book covers an array of emotions to include sadness, passion, power, encouragement, and triumphant.  My book report in this case would be about a family named the Fitzgerald’s, who love each other but how two sisters are faced with major decisions that threatened tearing them apart and changing the family dynamic forever.

With so many family problems in the world today, my book report on this topic could help others understand that a normal family consists of love, boundaries, and obligations.  No matter which I choose I believe good research and the right outline will make my book report compelling.