The Cay by Theodore Taylor Summary

Writing a book review on The Cay by Theodor Taylor could be a really challenging task, especially if you are not that much into reading or you simply don’t find the book interesting. What should you do when this happens? will save the day!

Book review writing takes time: you need to read the book, then think about it, analyze it and make certain conclusions. Does that sound boring to you? Are you more into hands-on activity rather than reading? We will be happy to help you with your review on The Cay by Theodor Taylor.

How to Write a Good Book Review?

All book reviews are different. The length may vary from one paragraph (usually in newspapers and magazines) to several pages (in schools and colleges). We suppose one short paragraph is not enough for such a captivating book as The Cay by Theodor Taylor.

So what makes a good book review? Here are a few tips. Book review are very useful for students, as they develop analytical thinking. A book review is your own opinion about the book you’ve read, your impressions about the characters and the plot. It must include your vision and understanding of the story.

Do not copy other students’ book reviews! It is always more interesting to write your own piece. Later in class you will discuss the book and find out what your classmates think about it, discover similarities and differences of your opinions.

Tips on the Cay Book Review Writing

  1. Read the book. If you don’t have time to read, try watching the movie, but keep in mind that movies don’t usually give you the complete idea of the book.
  2. Define leading characters and figure out who is the good personage and who is the villain (if there are any, of course).
  3. Make remarks while reading, note what parts impressed you most and why. Pay special attention to the main hero and how his character changes under the circumstances of the story.
  4. Figure out the culmination of the story.
  5. Discuss the most important problems raised in the book.
  6. Talk about discrimination, one of the main issues of those days. How did this quality evolve in the boy’s character?
  7. Mention the influence of age gap between the boy and the old man on their relationship.
  8. Do you think the author achieved his goal to describe the social situation of that period of time?
  9. Would you consider reading other books by Theodor Taylor? Do you find his writing style captivating?
  10. Did this book teach you any lessons? Do you think there was a message the author wanted to deliver to each reader? Was there anything in your life you reconsidered after reading The Cay by Theodore Taylor Summary?

In Need of the Cay Book Review Writing Help?

None of our tips seemed helpful? We would love to give you a hand with your book review writing. Most of our writers have read The Cay by Theodore Taylor Summary and they know everything about its characters and plot. Writing a book review requires critical thinking, ability to compare and make conclusions. Allow us to write The Cay book review or The Adventures of Tom Sawyer book review for you and we promise you will not regret it!