Write Better With These 7 Amazing Tools In Your Toolbox

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Our experts from BookWormLab tried hard to make you inspired!

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Writing is an art form that thrives on chipping off the rough edges with powerful tools until you obtain that beautiful masterpiece that will wow everyone. So, what are these tools and how will they help you to improve your writing?

This article discusses the 7 essential writing tools to include in your toolbox.

Google Docs

Google Docs is an online word processor that allows multiple editors to work on a document. This writing tool makes it possible to access your documents from the cloud.


Grammarly is a useful writing and proofreading tool for writers. With Grammarly, you can adjust your writing tone and also correct spelling and grammatical errors.

Hemingway App

This writing tool helps you edit and proofread your paper. The Hemingway App also offers real-time suggestions and detects ‘wordy’ sentences.


This famous online thesaurus provides the meaning of words and how they fit in any context. The Thesaurus.com App is a reliable companion when you are looking for the synonyms and acceptable usage of a word.


This app helps you concentrate when writing. ZenPen blocks out all potential distractions to ensure that you stay locked in until the task is complete.


Scrivener helps writers partition their work into segments. This organization tool helps you monitor different documents from one project simultaneously.


Evernote helps in writing down ideas that will inspire your writing later. This fantastic note-taking tool will inspire you when you are struggling with writer’s block.

Add these writing tools to your arsenal today and watch as your productivity spikes.