Part-time Jobs for Students: Quick Money or Career Starting Point?

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When you hear a word-combination “part-time job”, what is the very first image of a perfect employee that pops up? A student of 1-2 years of study, right? Why is that? Pretty simple. Part-time jobs are perfect for students, as being overwhelmed with the college assignments, they can still earn some money for leisure time and thus become more independent. But still, job, be it full or part-time is not all about the money. So, students, who are aware of that, search not only for vacancies that are flexible and provide good wages, but for those that can also offer development opportunities, useful experience, skills and knowledge for the future career. “Is that possible at all?” will you ask. To answer that very reasonable questions let’s explore your options.

1) Waitering.

Waitering man and woman

Rumor has it that bar work is a piece of cake for students – easy, flexible, highly paid and sociable. But what else do you get? High stress dealing with capricious clients, late shifts and almost no career development or promotion opportunities. It may do just fine for those, who need money urgently. As for the rest we wouldn’t really recommend waitering as long-lasting part-time job. Same applies for similar options like babysitting, shop assistant, etc. 2) On-campus jobs.

Campus Jobs: Putting Students to Work

That can be pretty much everything. You can do tutoring, work as tour guide or IT supporter, be a gym attendant or student barman. These jobs are usually well-paid and the location is perfect, as you won’t have to waste time on commuting. Other big plus is that they must ensure you don’t miss your classes and have time to prepare for them. So, if you plan to become a researcher, professor or IT technician and find something appealing on campus – go for it!

3) Private tutoring.

The money vary depending on you qualification and reputation. Some teach for minimum amount, others manage to even make living out of it. Tutoring has one huge advantage as a part-time job. By explaining something you have learned to others, you get the real understanding of the subject and motivation to study harder. It can also give you an idea of what to do next, whether you want to enroll yourself in this field of study or not. First Sallary4) Freelance writing/translating. If writing is your forte, it’s the best opportunity for you! Writing job will help you improve your writing and editing skills. Moreover, depending on your efficiency it can bring descent money. Translating as a freelancer for some private enterprises is also very convenient both regarding time spent and money earned. 5) Internship.

Interns Wanted

We find it to be No.1 choice for part-time job as a student. For internship you don’t need much experience and you can try practically anything. The experience you get is huge, and connections will help you get desired job after graduation.  Of course, money isn’t that good, but what you get in perspective is more important. Any career-related job will look fantastic on your CV! Thus, when you fellow students will still be bar attenders at the end of the college with the very same wage, for that time you might already be senior manager or even have business of your own. If you are still hesitant about your future career, a part-time job can help you decide. By gaining practical experience in the field you can evaluate your future sector of employment. And don’t forget, that legit essay writing service is always there for you! If somehow you are too busy with you awesome freshly picked part-time job, we will make sure your academics stay on the high level. Sincerely yours,’s team