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Happy 4th of July!

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Scholarship Essay Sample about Why I Deserve The Scholarship

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Free Samples

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Scholarship grants can be your lifeline from accruing student loans. So, most students look forward to applying for these scholarship opportunities before they get admitted to college. For students who are not exceptional in sports, a convincing scholarship essay will boost your chances massively.

When writing a scholarship essay, one of the most common questions you have to answer is, “Why do I deserve this scholarship.” Examiners use this topic to evaluate your personality, and the content of your essay will determine the fate of your candidacy. 

Take a look at some of these tips that will make your scholarship essay first-grade.




Why I Deserve The Scholarship – Tips that will help you land the grant.

Though your essay should be specific to your life story, you can stick to some conventional maxims for guidance.

  • Discuss what you plan to do with the money. If you get the scholarship, that means the committee will invest some funds in you. So, mentioning your strategic plans will sway opinions in your favor. Also, try to mention philanthropic activities, like giving back to the university community and volunteering. Ensure to streamline your answers to suit the overall purpose of the scholarship.
  •  Share your experiences in a positive light. If you come from a tough background, you should mention some of the hardships you faced and how you overcame them. Try to avoid being negative and pessimistic in your essay.
  • Don’t be predictable. Stay away from generic statements like “I am the best student in my class” because they have no bearing on your college scholarship application. Committee members already expect that you are an exceptional scholar. So, you need to impress them with the portrayal of your character in your essay.
  • Go through your final essay with a microscope. You have to proofread your essay multiple times before submission because grammatical errors and spelling mistakes can damage your scholarship essay’s integrity.

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