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Happy 4th of July! Let's Celebrate Together!

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Happy 4th of July!

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Rain Essay


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The Rain has captured the imagination of the poets and the common people all alike! The Rain essay brings a fresh lease of life to everyone, not to forget the plants and the harvests. The Rain essay draws a very soft romantic picture in our mind and evokes a lot of mixed emotions in us and the Rain essay refreshes both our mind and soul and rejuvenates us from within.

The Rain essay is an old practice and is very popular as they provide relief after the hot day. The Rain custom essay paper refreshes everybody and the essay on rain is welcomed especially on a humid sweltering day and provides immense respite. Rain essay brings about the cool moisture laden wind and you can actually smell the rain in that soft breeze.

As the clouds are piling up and become darker, the earth becomes so surrealistic in the half covered light and half darkness. Rain essay tells us that not only the rain can be smelled but it can also be tasted from the fresh gush of wind when it touches your face. The essay about rain touches a thousand emotions in us and however subtle we feel elated just by seeing the darkening clouds, feeling the soft breeze and then of course the rain as it gushes down!

The Rain essay signifies harvest to the farmers and in many countries there are rituals and practices like song and dance to please the rain god, so that they have good harvest.

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But it might not be this rosy always. Rain essay, with the increasing problem of pollution are becoming contaminated, resulting in acid rain and the acid rain essay gives us the details of the acid rain formation. Rain essay shows modern day pollution is responsible for acid rain. The pollution actually goes up in the atmosphere and comes down with the rain. The acid rain essays have harmful effects on plants, animals, aquatic animals and infrastructure because of the weight deposition.

Rain essay in these cases are a cause of reaction of compounds like carbon, nitrogen, ammonium, sulphur reacts with the water molecules in the atmosphere and fall on earth as acid rain. Rain essay on acid rain has increased mainly after the Industrial Revolution, and has become a wide spread problem for all nations.

Steps are being taken to curb the sulfur dioxide release in the acid Rain essay. Clean air Act was set up to control the SO2 release and have made satisfactory results and has seen the reduction of sulfur dioxide and nitrite oxide by almost 70% and is still improving. Related readings: abortion essay writing, Barack Obama essay writing and biography essay paper writing assistance.

Rain essay appeals to us even today as it did to earlier poets and writers. Rain essay never fails to bring a fresh lease of life to us even amidst all modern day hurry.

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