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Importance of Designing the Natural Childbirth Rooms Essay

In the process of giving birth, many factors influence the whole experience. There has been limited attention on the physical environment although it is an important factor to consider in the childbirth room. Many mothers find that, physical surroundings affect the conditions under which they give birth. The physical environment for giving birth is supposed to include clean room fitted with en suite facilities, spacious room for easy movements and the presence of comfortable furniture are important features. According to some studies, access to better facilities help women to have appropriate birth compared to those with poor facility. Childbirth rooms should be designed to consider sound, lighting, and colors in order to provide a comfortable environment.

Many hospitals, which have conducted research on the factors affecting natural birth in women, have managed to design the childbirth room into conducive environment. The childbirth room makes sure that the women have the entire important factor that will help them have easy delivery (Smith 33). Surrounding environment, mostly visual, have an effect on psychological, physiological and biological outcomes of clinical significance. The following factors, as discussed, have to be considered while designing a childbirth room.


There is a saying that color assembles the soul. Through painstakingly selecting the colors, the inclination in the rooms are regulated by either invigorating with brighter shades or giving a serene temperament. There is mental reaction backed with warm tones quelled in shades. Labor rooms with little measure of solid colors give a fortifying vignette. The rooms ought to have medium white and cream, as they are solid colors. They are supposed to have delicate shades. Bright colors help to create a cool and serene environment for both the mothers and the newborn babies.

Improved labor environment give an incredible experience to new mothers and at times aides in starting long lasting association with the medicinal services office. Ladies in work in numerous examines have had a normal 2.1 hours less of conveyance time and asked for fewer epidurals to square agony, when visual craft was consolidated in the room (Smith 48). Conveyance or labor rooms ought to be calming in nature. Shades may extend from warm, ameliorating tones to those that are cooler and unwinding. Circuitous lighting, floor to roof shades, lovely compositions, symbolization, and wood furniture add to the feeling of a private environment.


Lighting serves to set the disposition and is discriminatingly paramount in a labor room. Characteristic lights are the best and ought to be utilized normally as they are promptly accessible. Common lights do help the biorhythms of the physique. The understanding of whether its day or night is dependably a real introduction as this empowers the woman conceiving an offspring physiologically and mentally. Lighting using very high intensity lights should be avoided as it gives tense feeling of the mother. Utilizing dimmer switches, if there are any, to alter the lighting which give a great environment to the woman to have simple characteristic conception.

Some clinic units are preferable outlined over others; however, there are those with a dependably anglepoise light. Assuming that these characteristics are not there in labor room then lights could be turned towards the divider and overhead knobs turned off to make a delicate gleam. The important aspect of color is that, it creates the best atmosphere where the expectant mother can feel in the home environment and have the easiness she requires.


The comfort ability of the woman giving birth can be determined by the level of noise in the birth-giving environment. Soundproofing is important to ensure that the room is quiet inside and the mothers feel free to make noise during the labor. They get confident that they will not be overheard by anyone from outside the room. This is also important, as the other women in the waiting room will not hear the shout as they may get distracted or get worried by noise of the women in labor.

Most of the women are very sensitive of the sound they make and this contributes to the expression of the pain they go through. When the childbirth rooms are fitted with soundproof wall, windows and doors, then the experience can be relaxing (Leavitt 113). Initial experience of the expectant mother is a critical issue as it involves the fore experience of what the mother would go through.

Natural birth mother expect the experience to be painful and more approval of the pain the by the shouting of the ones going through it can even pose a greater worrying experience. They should be protected from these noises when in the waiting bay. The childbirth room should also have smooth and soothing music, which brings more relaxing and comfort. Disturbing screams and other forms of noises can be scary to new mothers and the newborns. Consequently, use of sound proof systems can go a long way in preventing these forms of problems.

New research in restorative crew recommends that the faculties and tactile mindfulness are fundamental as tangible data brings out physiological mental and enthusiastic reactions that run from tranquility to tension. Reports from clinics demonstrate that enthusiastic reactions by both the utilization of shade and characteristic materials can influence physiological reactions in regular labor process (Smith 23).

Utilizing color within labor room settings is not another idea considering the years of hygienic white dividers that symbolized cleanliness in the early and mid-twentieth century were just a pattern that turned into a stereotype for nature’s turf. Utilizing color to make an agreeable environment can be traced to the Egypt and Greek. In those days, rooms in sanctuaries were adorned with shade range where color diagnosed a patient and the right shade was utilized.

The investigation of shade incorporates the investigation of light and mental responses to jolt. This is because of, the way people encounter an article relies upon a combo of the item itself, its lighting, and our recognitions of these interconnected phenomena (Hathaway and Hathaway 45). There is incredible interconnection between human and nature and the way the latter conveys through color. These perceptions press even more on shade and patient mind in clinics including maternal consideration.

Expecting that people can ensure the principal segments of these arrangements are given in every case, there will be decreased uneasiness, stretched help and may plan to see diminishes in the ‘caution course’ that makes the enthusiasm for mediations that could have negative outcomes for both mothers and newborn children. Arguably, labor rooms are abnormal and uninviting spots where there are stretch and torment making conceiving an offspring sentiments clear due to the earth. This could be enhanced by making the work suite more agreeable and less healing center so moms are prone to be looser and have a simpler work.

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