Motivation in the Workplace Essay

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Why It Is important For Managers To Understand Motivation Essay?

Managers need to understand motivation and how it can improve organization performance in order to understand how to hire employees, motivate them to sell to the top of their abilities to meet daily sales quotas and how this will improve organizational performance. Each sales person is given a sales goal for their shift of how many customers to make sales to, how many credit card new applications to process and how meeting these goal will increase the organizational performance of the overall business.

They can start by having a positive motivational attitude with the sales associates. This will take the sales associates to another selling level because positivism wears off to the next person and raises sales. Then the associate managers will take it from there and motivate the employees if the associate managers are good like the manager. It is up to the managers to motivate the non-management daily through sales, merchandising, changing the display items and re-shops. They can easily guide the associates of what to do next to make their job more pleasurable especially of a new employee to the store.

The associate can take it upon themselves to work in the training mode on the cash register to learn to ring up items, return items, look up items on the internet and process credit card transactions.

Managers often underutilize motivation techniques in businesses today. Hence, they use motivational techniques to inspire workers to achieve daily set goals. It is up to the manager to identify key factors that motivate each employee. Most employees thrive in a motivational arena where they feel good about the job they have done and receive a “pat on the back” for a job well done. Managers often forget the simple courtesies that go a long way in motivating employees. Managers should never assume workers feel valued just because their numbers are on mark. You should do unto others as they do unto you.

Associates only feel benefited if the manager are meeting their needs. (Bessell, Dicks, Wykoski, Kessner, 2012). Managers meet their needs by showing them how to accomplish new things daily. People like to learn new things. People like interesting work, to be valued at work and to feel like they have accomplished something. Hence, the manager should not set the goals where they are too high to attain. They should be set high enough for the store to make profits but not too high for the sales associate to become discouraged with their job because where forth they will lose their self-motivation.

A supervisor should approach his/her workers with a positive attitude if he/she expects them to have the same positive attitude whilst at work. Involving the associates in public recognition at meetings is another way to keep up sales and motivation through the use of positive reinforcement. Management must learn they are dealing with human beings and not robots and should grab the desired results. Productive associates will come through positive managers. They will follow what the manger exhibits and teaches them. For instance a non-productive manager may simply be dismal and not proactive with his/her sales associates and this will rub off on them and production will be down.

In saying that it is up to the manager to motivate the workers with a smile on his/her face and a positive attitude towards all work efforts. The manager should learn what motivates each employee and give “pats on the back” for a job well done such as meeting and surpassing sales goals for the day. Then if the salesman exceeds his/her monthly goal she/he can be rewarded with a certificate stating such to be posted on the wall. Value comes from within and outside praise. Good managers will make an associate feel good about their accomplishments while making herself feel like a superstar manager.


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