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Laying Off Talent Essay

It has been argued that organizations that lay off employees frequently fail to improve their long-term performance. This statement could be considered true as it does impose that because of not keeping the right people, certain organizations suffer from losing their best workers on the line. Due to lack of information and perhaps a decreased time of making decision on who among the workers ought to be kept and who should be let go.

According to O’Neill’s (et al) article, such condition could be avoided if the administrators would be able to keep data that reflects the condition of work performances that the workers impose. From such recorded data, the administrators could analyze who among their workers put forth specifically reliable service that they could use for a long time.

Losing relatively strong performers in the team actually affect the overall performance of the people put together to work alongside each other. Usually, the talented ones [the skilled individuals] are the ones who serve as the leaders and the energy of the team. Losing them could impose a certain loss of motivation among other team members relatively (Davenport, et al, 2010).

According to the article of Pace (2010), it is an integral part of decision making [when it comes to laying off employees] to seek proper records that could distinctively note the strengths and weaknesses of the people they currently have in the organization. The desire to become more productive is an essential part of the decision. To make a workable pattern that could be followed for such terms of organizational rebuilding, the administrators should be able to look through reports and records [including those of the evaluation materials used to measure employee performance output within a specific point of time].

Talent and skills of workers are the primary building blocks of any particular organization. Relatively, it could be understood that such condition of development in organizations are hard to establish; hence, breaking them is also relatively hard to contend with. Picking the right people to lay off from work will directly affect the entire foundation of the work-efficiency that has been already developed. According to Davenport (et al, 2010)it was essential for most organizations to consider the most current evaluation records completed for the employees and measure such results with full consideration on how their current performance relate to their past performances in line with the organization’s goal.

In cases when laying off becomes inevitable, it is advised that administrators hold a re-evaluation process on the members of the organization that were left in the team. This will allow them to realign the position of the workers according to their capacities and their skills making it easier for them to get into the option of growing through all the changes that they are specifically involved in. Relatively, this would mean that the administration needs to establish another point of motivation that the new teams are supposed to be engaged with.


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