Hispanic Diversity Essay

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Diversity: My Life as a Hispanic Young Lady in America Essay

Hispanic diversity essay is a great deal more than an appreciation of differences. Therefore I believe I can make this claim because it has defined my own life. It is a part of me, and I have always lived with the negative and healthy aspects of it. I am American born, and my parents are Hispanic, and this simple reality has enabled me always to have a sense of how culture is perceived in America.

More specifically, how my family and I have been perceived by the community, and usually as “different,” has been an element of my life consistently in place, and often challenging to me. On one level we have been accepted by the mainstream society because my parents are highly educated, and this is removed from how people so often view Hispanics. We are different but, in the eyes of the majority, we belong to an extent because we are seen as above the ordinary.

Then, my parents’ intelligence has strongly influenced how I take in whatever expressions or behaviors go to racist thinking regarding Hispanics – or any minority –in general. I am fortunate in having parents who understand why such thinking exists, and who have helped me to move beyond anger and understand myself. I would as well add that our own culture is proud and warm, and my happiness in being a part of it gives me confidence and strength.