Diversity In Nursing

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Any organization that values diversity has a staff that is made up of people of all ages, gender, ethnicities, and sexual orientations. In other words, it describes the situation in which a healthcare facility’s administrative and medical employees represent various experiences and backgrounds. In agreement with the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), we must recognize the clear link between a nursing workforce that reflects the diversity of our patient population’s cultures and our capacity to deliver high-quality, culturally competent patient care. Even while the nursing field has made significant strides in finding and training nurses that reflect the patient’s needs, more work needs to be done to guarantee that we’re genuinely giving our patients the care they need.

The American Nurses Association (ANA) acknowledges that most national initiatives to remove discrimination based on race, age, and economic status have progressed thanks to access to, achievement of, and quality of care. But sustained efforts must continue to completely eradicate discrimination in all its manifestations (ANA, 2019). The American Nurses Association (ANA) acknowledges that impartiality starts with the nurse and should exist within every healthcare institution. To encourage the inclusion of all persons in delivering high-quality healthcare while eliminating inequities, all nurses must be aware of the possible impact of unconscious prejudice and practices that contribute to discrimination. The ANA supports legislative measures to eliminate discrimination (ANA, 2019).

2015 edition of Villarruel, Lecher Carver: Reforms that will broaden the health workers must be advanced, and everyone may contribute. Sharing best practices, helpful resources, and inspiring stories may help you accomplish much. You can also discover crucial information and share it with your coworkers and critical stakeholders (Villarruel et al., 2015). Any steps to diversify the nursing workforce should be evaluated to discover the most successful ones. Always start with the facts. Establish criteria for diversity promotion efforts and evaluate if they align with the urgent need for change.


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