Diagnostic Essay About American Beauty Movie

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The movie American Beauty Essay

The movie starts by illustrating that Jane Lester is in a depressed as well as hopeless sleep. However, one of the noted cinematography is the use of the roses. The movie clearly demonstrates many rose flowers. First, it can be seen Carolyn, the wife to Burnham plucking the roses from the garden, after which he rises them in display. The flowers here represent purity, beauty, as well as youthfulness.

The roses also are a species of the roses called American beauty. Through the rose flowers, irony is made where, the wife is holding this flowers to display vanity, while at the same time the husband is not only capturing his youth life, but he is also looking something in his hollow life.

The movie further begins with an illusion of death, and then to show this as a reality, it ends with the main actor dying. This character shows a sense of immorality and baseness. Moreover, since the two are not virtues that people should embrace, then the movie directs that such people should be eliminated. That is why; Lester dies at the end of the movie.

Carolyn is seen in the car while it rains with a gun plus the motivated tape. She solemnly denies that she will not be a victim, as if she is a victim of someone. She further holds her husbands cloth, while in her darkest thoughts.

This symbolizes that she has been restored and that the rubber band has literally snapped back. As much as she is still materialistic, it can be noted that she has learnt a lesson too, like other characters in the movie. Carolyn and Angela portray a sense of selling themselves to get what they need. That is why, in the movie, the two acts as if they are very adulterous.

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