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Discursive Essay


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This essay is expected to be a neutral and objective piece of writing, in which you explore various points of view. The style should be formal and impersonal. But how can you write an essay without wanting to express yourself? Especially taking into account that essays are usually devoted to controversial topics! If you don’t know the answer to this question and you worry about your grades, then does know, how to help you! There is no need to be stressed out anymore and feel anxious about anything, as our proficient writers will make sure that you get a unique piece of writing that will meet all the standards of a great discursive essay.

Finding Essay Topics

In fact, if you follow certain guidelines, you can write a discursive essay by yourself. First of all, remember that the writing must be formal:

  • Avoid contractions (don’t, haven’t etc.)
  • Do not use slang
  • Do not use personal pronouns (except for the conclusion)
  • Separate the paragraphs to introduce and delineate each issue
  • Use topic sentences for each paragraph
  • Use transitional and linking words
  • When needed, attribute the sources properly

Begin your writing with introducing a statement or a controversial topic. There is a great variety topics to choose from:

  • Abortion
  • Assisted suicide
  • Animal testing
  • Death penalty
  • Eating disorders
  • Hunting
  • School uniform
  • Smoking, etc.
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Writing a Discursive Essay

In the first paragraph, you can explain it to the readers, paraphrase the thesis with your own words.

The following two paragraphs will present two types of evidence: the first that agrees with the topic and the second that disagrees. Do not mix these points of view! Use suitable conjunctions or linking words to connect the paragraphs. When listing your arguments, write the paragraphs in descending order of importance.

After you have objectively introduced both sides, come to a certain conclusion. Based on the evidence presented, you can say whether you agree with one of the opinions or with neither. But if you disagree with something, don’t forget to explain why. Keep in mind that after reading your essay, the informed reader should be able to reach a concrete conclusion given the available information. That’s why, if you can’t base your arguments in your own essay, neither can the reader. Which means that you have to improve or even re-do your writing. And you most probably don’t want to do it, right?

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