President Abraham Lincoln Essay

According to biographer Ward Hill Lamon, President Abraham Lincoln had a dream about his own assassination in the weeks before his death. This is probably not surprising, considering the times in which Lincoln lived and the circumstances of his presidency. Lincoln had presided over the United States during its greatest crisis, as it plunged into…

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The Louisiana Purchase Essay

At the dawn of the 19 century, the continent of North America did not all belong to the United States. When and what was the louisiana purchase as a matter of fact, a huge region, spanning from Canada to Mexico divided the continent right down the center; this region was controlled by the French. The…

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Death of Osama bin Laden Essay

While many people think of the Civil War as a war over the issue of slavery, the truth is that it was much more complex than that. Slavery was a major issue, of course, but the causes of the Civil War were brewing for a long time, dating all the way back to the inception…

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