How to Create Meaningful and Thesis-Driven Synthesis Essay?

Synthesis essay writing at college generally involves culling information from various sources and combining them to create a meaningful and thesis-driven piece of writing. Although synthesis essay writing may seem easy at the first glance, it may actually be difficult when you start working on it. Synthesis essays are a common part of various graduate courses, especially specialized courses, and demands great attention. However, if you need help in writing your essay, promptly approach an expert professional custom writing company like We offer you the best quality writing services that are customized, affordable and delivered well on time.

Synthesis Essay Example

A synthesis essay must explore a subject or concept by examining various ideas on the topic. These essays develop and instruct students in methods of research, critical thinking and source assessment. However, if you are unfamiliar with the style of a synthesis essay, check the synthesis essay examples provided by your university or professional writers. Effective perusal of a synthesis essay example helps you adhere to the set norms for writing an essay as part of your graduate course.

Photosynthesis Essay

Say you are writing an essay on Photosynthesis; the first thing you must do is research and find various sources for understanding the concept in detail. You should start writing only after you have completely understood the concept. Make a draft photosynthesis essay, and then read it to check for continuity and whether it covers all important points. Then, add or modify sections based on what you felt while reading it. Ideally, the photosynthesis essay must highlight the process, its importance, discovery, importance for other living organisms and the consequences of its non-occurrence.

Synthesis Essay Topics

Synthesis essay topics are chosen based on the course content or the student’s research topic or thesis. Since research is primary to a synthesis essay, synthesis essay topics must be chosen with due deliberation. If you have a choice of topics, opt for the one that offers good scope for finding great research material. However, in case you have been assigned synthesis essay topics that offer scarce research materials, it is best to seek professional help.

Synthesis Essay Outline

The synthesis essay outline plays an important part in ensuring that it is persuasive enough to retain reader attention. The essay must also flow well, have an interesting introduction, an exciting title and be continuous and devoid of grammatical errors. Good synthesis essays must also be consistent with the use of bibliographic references, and include the list of references used.

Synthesis Essay Outline Structure:

I. Introduction (ends with main thesis naming broad topic). II. First Subtopic (first division of broad topic). References, quotations, examples from three chapters. III. Second Subtopic (second division of broad topic). References, quotations, examples from three chapters. IV. Third Subtopic (third division of broad topic). References, quotations, examples from three chapters. V. Conclusion.

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