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The concept of “lifelong education” should start as early as possible, ideally in one’s childhood. Everyone should be prepared for a world in which constant learning of new things is not just the norm, but an urgent need. Today, when cinemas and TV channels are full of pseudo-scientific and fantasy shows and movies, it is particularly important to help students retain critical thinking and maintain a sober outlook. 

The below selection of movies and documentaries will be useful to those who plan to continue to adhere to the self-education regime and, at the same time, spend time productively.

  • Cave of Forgotten Dreams (2010)

Why should you watch: if you are interested in history and archeology, be sure to watch this film about one of the most important natural monuments on our planet – the Chauvet Cave in the South of France, which holds about 300 ancient rock paintings, all about 33 thousand years old. … The uniqueness of the documentary is that it gives a glimpse into the cave, which is closed for public access, because changing the environment inside it may damage the wall painting. Another bonus: the film was directed by the Cannes Film Festival laureate, German film director and screenwriter Werner Herzog.

  • Exit Through the Gift Shop (2010)

Why should you watch: The topic of the street and contemporary art raised in the movie and the secret identity of the English underground street art artist Banksy will be of interest to both adults and teenagers. The documentary is based on the filming of the artist and friend of Banksy, Thierry Guetta, one of the lucky few who saw the mysterious graffiti artist in the face and was edited by Banksy himself. In the movie, you can see the details of the creative path of the two artists, the life of “street artists” in general, but the main mystery – the identity of Banksy, will not be revealed. This movie is not only about street art, but also about what art is in general: how to distinguish real art from soulless parody and how easily the public can separate one from the other.

  • Climate Change (2017)

Why should you watch: as some “experts” say, there is not enough information in textbooks about the environmental situation in the world, and teachers often do not have an understanding of the scale of problems and the time to prepare and teach useful environmental lessons. Therefore, it is important for students to get relevant information from a variety of resources, including quality movies and TV shows like this one. Conversations about global warming are often confronted with a wall of misunderstanding and irony. The authors of the program understand what it really is – a myth, a distant perspective, or a disaster of the present, which will soon make our planet unrecognizable and uninhabitable.

  • Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey (2014)

Why should you watch: this TV series tells about all the significant scientific discoveries of the last centuries that humanity can be proud of. It is not only about space, but also about history, religion, the formation of the human genome – about the whole amazing world around us. These are things you won’t learn in fantasy movies. In each series, computer graphics and bright animation inserts are used, and the narration is conducted in a simple and understandable language. This project is a continuation of the famous popular science series by astrophysicist Carl Sagan, “Cosmos” – about the origin of life and the place of man in the Universe.

  • Google And The World’s Brain (2019)

Why should you watch: screened at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, this documentary will tell you not only the history of this famous multinational corporation but also the possible threats of accelerating technology development. How far can we go with the so-called informational revolution, and what are the risks to our safety, health, and environment? The film is based on interviews with different people, documents, and references to history and science fiction literature, with a special focus on artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, nanotechnology, and bioengineering.

  • Elon Musk: The Real Life Iron Man (2018)

Why should you watch: according to the opinion of the creators of the widely discussed film “Professions of the Future”, Elon Musk is the idol of many modern teenagers. By his own example, he makes one believe that everything is possible if you persist in pursuing your goal. This film is the life story of a tireless dreamer, visionary and successful inventor, which will be interesting to get to know not only for high school students but also for their graduate college peers. This movie contains many mind-blowing facts, revelations, and insights into how technological progress works and how everyone can make a difference.