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Our experts from BookWormLab tried hard to make you inspired!

Our experts from BookWormLab tried hard to make you inspired!

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The demand creates a supply
During life in academia, each year, students have to write 20-100 essays in different subjects. Since the writing process is not easy and requires specialized knowledge and skills, not everyone has the strength and time to cope with all the writing tasks. In this case, students turn to professional writing services for help.
There they can find hundreds of experienced writers in a particular subject area. In most cases, writing services would assign the best matching writer to your specific essay. However, there are also services, which give the client the right to choose an author from the list. Many companies also divide writers into different categories: native speaker, expert writer, top writer (who specializes in the requested essay topic), etc. It all depends on the urgency, importance of the task, and the amount that the client is willing to pay for the service.

How does it work?
To initiate the process of writing an essay, the client needs to fill out an order form and indicate all the writing details, consisting of formal requirements and the client’s personal wishes. After filling it out, the cost of the order will appear on the screen and the client can decide whether he is satisfied with this amount. As soon as the client clicks on the “Order” button, the countdown begins until the final delivery of the custom essay.
Often during the order execution process, the client and the writer collaborate by means of communication channels provided by the service. As a result, the client receives a well-structured essay meeting all the initial requirements. The finished essay can be submitted to the exam board, a professor, or used as a template for writing other works as one of the sources of information.
The most important thing in this type of service is the absence of plagiarism. Legitimate writing services pay the utmost attention to the original content and control their writers to exclude even the tiniest chance of plagiarism. Essay writing services are popular because they assist students with the most difficult essay assignments and enable them to get high scores for their works. In addition, the cost of services in most cases does not give students any discomfort. The amount will grow significantly only if you order large-scale works – dissertations and research projects.

Read the user manual
Despite a popular belief, essay writing services are not plug-and-play devices. They are highly effective and specialized instruments to achieve academic goals, which require care and knowledge from those who use them. It’s literally like reading a user manual before operation if you want to achieve the maximum result. On the contrary, when used carelessly, writing services can harm your creativity and even lead to rejection of your writing assignments by professors.

Here are a few very important points to consider before using professional essay writing services:
1. Find the best writing services for your needs. Do not rush and pick up the very first agency you can find online. They are all different and serve different customers’ needs. There are agencies, which offer affordable services with an OK quality. There are those who prioritize quality and variability over cheap prices or speed of delivery. Some agencies specialize in British English writing tasks, while others target only high school level works, or graduate level, university, etc.
2. Spare no time to provide your preferences. It is a well-known maxima that an input defines an output. The same goes for writing services. To receive high-quality work, one has to communicate clearly the precise task requirements and his expectations. Besides formal requirements, such as font size and type or page margins and citations style, the client’s expectations may include language tone, first-person or third-person style, particular vocabulary to be used, desired thesis statement or initial ideas, arguments, citations, and so on.
3. Stay involved all the way through to the delivery. Once you provide all the requirements, do not sit and wait till your order is complete. Chat or talk (if such an option is available) to the writer. Ask about a progress update, provide additional input if available. This is called involvement, and if it does not influence the end result directly, at least the author will know that you care and be extra attentive/f resolved to deliver the best product.
4. Never stop learning. Do not just submit your bespoke essay to your professor and forget about it. Read it carefully and learn: pay attention to the language, structure, and the way the topic is addressed. After all, this work was written by a professional – it can help you to become better as a writer.