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Decision Making Essay

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Essay on Decision Making

“Tell us about a time when your expectations and outcomes differed. How did the lesson learned inform your future decision making Essay? “

PART 1: Tell us about a time when your expectations and outcomes differed. How did the lesson learned inform your future decision making?

During the earlier years of being in Senior High, I was excited to handle all the necessary activities that I know would be assigned to us. Getting information from students of the past years, I realized that I needed to do this and that, get this and that to make sure that I am able to complete whatever task that the instructor might provide us with. Now, there is nothing wrong with being prepared; however, I think I went a little too far.

Expecting that the instructor prepared the same set of works in class as she did in the past, I was found wrong and specifically lost the idea of being spontaneous about matters. As the days passed, the teacher presented us with completely new sets of learning itineraries that I found my preparation quite a waste of time. This experience taught me how to accept the fact that not everything can be planned. While it is good to assume what is going to happen next, it is always necessary to not over presume thus losing the ability to enjoy the surprises that life itself brings.

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PART 2: If given the chance to create your own I-Series course, what would the course be titled, what material would you cover, and most importantly why you would choose it?

The course I would be creating would be Political America. This course would be focused on exploring the different aspects of politics in America and how it would likely impact the overall life status of the society. Considerably, I see politics as an important matter to consider because it basically affects the life of all members of the society, including that of the students. Hence, students who would be enrolled in the course would not only learn about theories; they would be able to immediately apply such thoughts in their own lives as they face the challenges of the American system of politics.

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