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Fashion Merchandising Essay

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Name: 361 Degrees International Ltd

Detail: Located in China but specifically distributes products to different parts of the world, 361 Degrees International Ltd is noted to be among the first presenters of new-age and well-developed new designs of shows and other sports wear. The company believes that they are among the first performers in providing the market with high-end and high-quality fashion products related to shoes and sports themes that are currently accepted in the market at present.

The company is a privately owned corporation that is specifically operated by the board of directors thus gains profit for themselves alone [and does not share any of the said percentage with the general market]. Current operators of the company include Ding Huihuang [chairman], Ding Wuhao [President/ Executive Director]; Choi Mun Duen [CFO] and Ding Huirong [VP financial Management].

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With constant height of the revenue gained by the company, the organization is rated to be among the top four performers in the industry in both Hong Kong and China and among the top ten distributors compared to all others around the globe. Relatively, this data indicates the condition of the company in relation to the world market and how much profit they are making both in the sports and fashion arena of global trade.  

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  1. San Francisco, CA: John Wiley & Sons.

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