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Family and Authority Essay

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Family Essay and Essay on Authority

A family usually stands for a group of people connected together by the same roots or ancestors that live in one dwelling. It is obvious in this family and essay on authority that modern trends in social relations have changed the meaning of this word, as a family is now either biological relationship within a certain group of people or shared residence of two or more people, linked together by some particular societal reasons.

In accordance with this argumentative family essay and authority Antigone, there are four primary types of families: nuclear, conjugal, consanguineal, and matrifocal. So which of the following describes a family where the mother and the father share authority? The nuclear family represents the very basic unit that is traditionally described as a husband and wife with their children.

Conjugal family or kinship is defined as “a group of people who are united by ties of partnership and parenthood and consisting of a pair of adults and their socially recognized children” (Encyclopedia Britannica 2009). Consanguineal one connects not only parents and their children, but also other relatives at one place of residence. In my essay on authority, a matrifocal family is “a unit composed of a mother and her children” (The Free Dictionary 2009). Scientists usually identify the purpose of living together as an excellent way to survive, share financial income, raise kids, and ensure safety when becoming old.

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During the history, the family has been transformed from the matriarchy (a woman is a leader in the family) to the patriarchy (a man is a leader). Though our age is described as patriarchy, today’s relations of men and women have grown into rather independent and equal affairs. Therefore, authority in the family is divided either equally or depending on the income they bring.

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