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Career Exploration Essay

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The website for Occupational Outlook Handbook was very user friendly to utilize. Most job seekers will use Career Builder or Monster or Indeed as search engines for jobs. However, the Occupation Outlook Handbook (OOH) is the most beneficial for several reasons. The first reason is the OOH provides the median pay which is invaluable when negotiating the salary with a potential employers. The median range of the salary allows the job seeker to make the best decision. The second reason is all the available data such as job outlook, educational requirements for the job, how much work experience is needed for the position and provides information on similar jobs. The OOH helps an individual make good choices because the OOH gives the snapshot of the company today and a synopsis on how the job position will do in the future. The work environment is critical information to determine because the job seeker can see if the environment is conducive for them to work. The best example is the position Athletic Trainers Exercise Physiologist which gives the background information, the historical past of the position, number of jobs, entry level of the position and the requirements to become certified as an Athletic Trainer. The information that is so important to the job search is work environment. The OOH gives the individual an excellent view of the real job environment in the real worlds. For example the athletic trainer’s position indicated that some of the positions are part-time which would be great for a student or a person that needs a flexible schedule.


This website had some good information but apply for a job is tedious. They have a new feature that allows you to submit many resumes at one time for multiple jobs. The monster website is using outdated techniques. However, they have some very detailed resources that are needed for the job hunt such as company profiles, education and training, salary and benefits, career advice by industry and they have interview techniques. is one of the largest employment websites in the world, owned and operated by Monster Worldwide, Inc. In 2006, Monster was one of the 20 most visited websites (Monster 2).

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Dice is an excellent career website that post jobs in the areas of technology and engineering (Dice 1). They help connect the technology applicants with the top technology jobs in the nation. This website provides information specifically about the hiring company and recruiters that work for the potential employer. If your career is in the field of technology, the website is a one stop shop for finding great opportunities. Dice does provide salary information and educational information but not for all positions.

Most Beneficial

Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) was most beneficial because they provide all the information about the job including the outlook. The OOH provides statistical data about the future of the position including how many people are working in that field. OOH is a great website for future career positions considerations.

Salary Ranges

All the career websites which are Dice, Monster, and Occupation Outlook Handbook (OOH) provide salary ranges, educational requirements, information about the company. However, OOH was the most detailed and useful information during the job hunt.

Educational Requirements

All three websites OOH, Monster, and Dice provided educational requirements about the position. However, OOH was the most detailed with their education requirements. However, OOH helps shape your decision for the best carrier that fits your dreams and aspirations.

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