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Proofreading Services Near Me

Have your paper ready but it needs editing of proofreading? Then will be extremely happy to provide proofreading services to you! Our team of skilled editors and proofreaders will carefully examine your paper for all kinds of mistakes: gramatical, syntactical, stylistic and others. We will put a final touch to your writing and reassure its successful submission. Call us now!

Superb Proofreading Services provides expert online proofreading services. Just upload your paper and our professional editors will proofread and edit it, mark it up with their notes, introduce some suggestions and put finishing touches to your paper!

We cover all academic areas with a bank of proofreaders, who have expertise in a wide range of academic disciplines. is very picky when hiring proofreaders - we carefully hand-pick each of them . For all of our proofreaders English is a mother tongue, they are educated at least to Master's level (some hold a PhD) and possess extensive college teaching and examining experience.

Our Professional Proofreading Services provides comprehensive proofreading and editing services. We check for the following aspects:

  • typographical errors
  • spelling
  • grammatical mistakes
  • tenses
  • subject-verb disagreements
  • run-on sentences
  • sentence fragments and lengths
  • punctuation & quotation marks
  • comma usage and splices
  • apostrophes
  • capitalization
  • organization
  • structure and theme
  • audience appropriateness

Let Bring Your Paper to Perfection

Proofreading includes comprehensive critical analysis of your paper's format and content. Our services will help your paper writing achieve the desired perfection and high quality. Once you have already got your paper written, it is our turn to make it more interesting, impressive, free of mistakes and readable.

You can avail yourself of our proofreading service, which implies:

  • proofreading for coherence and cohesion
  • proofreading the thesis statement for validity and the presence of supporting material
  • checking grammar and spelling
  • vocabulary checking

We will make sure that your paper has got a logical flow of ideas, maintains accuracy and has the smooth transitions between the paragraphs and ideas.

Make Use of Proofreading Tips

In case you decide to proofread your paper on your own, here you can find some proofreading tips:

  • Do not rush. Proofreading is the most effective when you devote some time to it.
  • Read it out loud. This activity will help you notice more errors.
  • Pretend as if you do not know anything at all about your topic. See if you can understand all the ideas you are trying to convey to the readers.
  • Take advantage of using a spell checker. However, do not rely solely upon it.
  • If you are unsure of the word meaning, just look it up and confirm its usage and meaning.
  • Pay attention to the following areas: index, page numbers, table of contents, table of authorities, headers and footers, cross references, legal reference, citations, spelling of names.

Why Choose Us?

Our qualified editors are more than willing to assist you. Along with introducing the needed changes, they will analyze your personal writing style in order to preserve its individuality. and its team of proofreaders will work with any type of written document, which requires assessment and improvement: articles, essays, research papers, book reports, proposals, theses, dissertations, etc.

You can place your order for the following proofreading and editing services:

  • dissertation proofreading
  • thesis proofreading
  • research paper proofreading
  • term paper proofreading

It goes without saying that documents can contain various errors, typographical mistakes and inconsistencies that may annoy and confuse the reader. The inability to understand is what draws the readers back, even the smallest slip can undermine the whole sentence or idea. For this reason you have to ensure that your writing is flawless. will refine your document in accordance with your specifications and instructions. Make a step towards success! Use our online proofreading service and improve your writing fast and efficiently!