Tips on Writing a Problem Solution Essay

When you are writing a problem solution essay, it is important to choose a topic that offers realistic solutions. Here are a few steps to help you write a problem solution essay:

Choosing Problem Solution Essay Topics

The effectiveness of a college essay depends considerably on the problem solution essay topics chosen. Opting for too broad or popular global problem solution essay topics may not fetch you great reviews, as it is difficult to cover these broad topics in the scope of a single essay. So, choose a topic that you are interested in personally, have good knowledge about, and have an opinion on. Begin by making a list of ideas that interest you and gradually narrow them down to topics that can be effectively dealt with in an essay form.

  1. Choose a topic that interest you and have an opinion on.
  2. Narrow down your focus on the problem to a manageable level. You cannot manage the essay effectively if the issue you are working on is too broad.
  3. Give an outline of the problem. Decide how much you should focus on the problem.
  4. Do not go overboard while offering solutions, be practical.
  5. Do extensive research on the problem and the solution that you are proposing.

Problem Solution Essay Topics

  • Rising costs of tuition v. rate of general inflation
  • Parking problem
  • Financial aid for students
  • Support of students with special needs
  • Financial support for men's v. women's athletics
  • Disparity of resource allocation to departments

How Problem Solution Essay Example Helps You

Generally the problem solution essay will outline and then explain a problem, and finally suggest solutions that can help eliminate the issue. However, students who are writing these essays for the first time may feel flustered because of their lack of experience. This is where a problem solution essay example can help you. Besides offering you a good idea about the format and structure of the essay, the problem solution essay example will familiarize you with the writing style, the best type of topics to choose and how to provide effective solutions. You can also get assistance from professional content writing agencies that provide you superior-quality essays at reasonable rates. Besides, they are also able to offer you innovative approach to editing and writing and round-the-clock assistance.

Problem Solution Essay Outline:

A problem solution essay outline defines the structure of the essay. The basic problem solution essay outline deals with the following:

  1. a problem
  2. a solution
  3. an evaluation

You begin by describing the problem and the causes of the problem in the introduction. Then, you can propose a solution and offer steps for implementation. Finally, evaluate the proposed solution by comparing it with other probable solutions. However, it is best to leave the writing job to experts if you are unsure about how to write problem solving essays. You can seek professional content writing services that can assist you in choosing topics, providing essay outlines and thus create top-quality content.

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Problem Solution Essay Format:

A problem solution essay format helps you maintain a coherent flow in the essay and hence, impact the reader. A basic problem solution essay format is as follows:

  • Explain the problem and its causes. Use available facts and figures and cite references to enhance reader’s comprehension of the problem.
  • Describe the proposed solution, and what steps need to be taken for solving the problem.
  • Defend your proposed solution and explain why your plans will work. You need to imagine why others might oppose your solution and give evidence to support the feasibility and effectiveness of your solution.
  • Finally, state the problem and solution in a succinct manner. You might also need to put a call to action, asking readers to help out with the problem.

Problem Solution Essay Writing Help

During the last decade it became highly popular among teachers to give students a task of writing problem solutions essays. Terrorism, greenhouse effect, overpopulation are common topics of problem solutions essays. Psychologists indicate that such essays help students critically analyze world problems. Problem solutions essays are also valuable from the viewpoint of morality and ethics. Simply showing problems and suggesting possible solutions to students is not effective. Problem solutions essays make them see problem from inside, analyze its reasons, and detect factors that have certain influence on it. However, one has to obtain certain writing skills in order to compose a decent problem solutions essay. Even if you, let's say, know about problem solution essay writing or how to write a descriptive essay, it may do you no good when composing problem solutions essays.

Problem Solution Essays on any Topic

If you do not know how to start problem solutions essay, you can follow these steps:
  • Identify the problem for your problem solutions essay. If you have no special topic for your paper, you can easily pick your own. If you do not want to make your own research for your assignment, you can choose popular problem such as human rights, violence, kidnapping, etc. However, problem solutions essay on destruction of rain forests in New Mexico will surely be much more interesting due to complexity of the topic.

  • Try to highlight the main aspects and causes of a certain issue and put them at the beginning of your problem solutions essay. After you put all of them together, try to organize them. This will make future problem solutions essay logically constructed.

  • Before writing problem solutions essay, make a list of solutions. Do not be scared to put funny solutions on the list. At least, you will feel you did not miss anything and you are ready to get started with your problem solutions essay.

  • Make a first draft of your problem solutions essay. Organize all your notes, brainstorm the topic and start writing a first draft of the paper. Your goal is not to miss anything. You can neglect the quality of your problem solutions essay during this stage of writing.

  • Write a final draft of your problem solutions essay. Correct all spelling and contextual mistakes. Make introduction and conclusion of your paper.

  • Take at least 10 minutes brake. Make yourself a cup of tea, take a snack and return to your problem solutions essay one more time. Read it! You will definitely find more mistakes and fragments, which need to be rewritten. When you are done with editing, your problem solutions essay is ready to be submitted in class.

How is custom problem solutions essay different from ordinary paper written by student?

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