Media Personal Statement

Media is considered to be one of the most powerful tools in the world, shaping everyone’s day to day life. There are several people with fleeting interests in becoming a media person. In order to pursue a career in the media field, a person has to write a journalism personal statement, if journalism is his main concern. The media personal statement must be written in such a way that the person reading it must be inspired and impressed. It needs to be bold and very attractive.

The initial step in writing the media personal statement is a powerful introduction. It has to start with a quote or a paragraph describing the self. The things that must be included in the media personal statement are answers to questions such as why the person wants to study this particular field, what or who motivated the person in selecting this particular field for study, etc.

The first two lines of the media personal statement should be carefully structured in order to capture the attention of the admissions officers. The second thing that must be highlighted in the media personal statement or even in a nursing personal statement should be the person’s educational background. A short summary of the person’s educational background relevant to the study area must be provided. It is necessary to be brief in the media personal statement as the admission officers already have the grades in their hands.

The third phase of the media personal statement is to share the personal experiences in the field of media or as a journalist. This part must include a very brief synopsis on the person’s family background and your accomplishments as an amateur journalist or a small role played as a media person while at school. Also, the person will have to provide an explanation as to why he happens to be excellent in this field. The reasons for choosing this field and for wishing to study that particular course in that institution must also be included in the media personal statement. The media personal statement must also contain information on how that person would turn out to be a promising student.

Therefore the media personal statement plays a major role in getting the intended course in media.