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movie review writing

Writing Movie Reviews for Students

Who doesn’t love watching movies? But not everyone can find the words to sound like a world-class movie critic. So, if you’re looking to find somebody who can write a good film review for your class, you’ve come to the right place.

Movie Reviews for Families

The easiest way to learn how to write movie reviews is to write family movie reviews. Usually they don't require a profound knowledge on a certain topic, are kind and fun to watch for all the family members. If you watch one with your family, you may ask them about their opinion on what they saw. Thus, when writing the review, you will be able to use not only your point of view and attitude, but also opinions of different generations.

Before watching, get some paper to take notes. Write down everything that crosses your mind during the movie. Apart from that, there are some other things you have to mention:

  • Title.
  • Actors' names.
  • Genre.
  • Setting. The place and time, where the actions in the movie take place.
  • A short of overview of the plot. But be careful with spoilers! Some people may base their decision on whether to watch the reviewed movie or not, so do not reveal too much.
  • If the movie is based on a book, compare the book and the screen version.
  • If you have seen other movies by the same director, feel free to compare them.
  • Direction. Think about the way he or she presented the story to the viewer. Was everything clear? Maybe something was missing, or you found the movie too slow.
  • If the movie had special effects, consider them as well.
  • Talk about the set design and the soundtrack. Were they fitting? Or over/under-used?

It's also a good idea to browse the Internet for some interesting stories about this movie, about what inspired the writers. Interviews of actors may tell you, how the actors felt about getting their roles, you may also suggest your own dream cast. It will give your review a nice touch.

What Good Movie Reviews Consist of

A good sophisticated movie review is easy to recognize. It starts with the general information. Usually it's the information you can find online, all the hints are listed above.

The second part is the critique of the movie. Remember, critique isn't necessarily criticizing. Even if the movie wasn't really your cup of tea, that doesn't mean you should give it a bad review. A review has to describe the movie objectively, so that the readers know if they will like it. And of course, it ends with something memorable.

This kind of writing isn't very difficult, but still needs time and inspiration. Watching the movie alone will take a couple of hours. If this is the case, when you feel like you cannot do it, you are always welcome to buy a movie review from, the website that can find the right words to describe everything 24/7.