There are several cases in which you can ask for your money back. The amount of the refund depends on several factors, such as the progress of the paper, its lateness, payment issues, etc. Below are listed the most common refund situations and the amount of the refund you are able to request accordingly.

You can qualify for a full refund in following cases:

  • You have mistakenly paid twice for your order, placed identical orders, overpaid or any other situation occurred that falls into category ‘payment mistake’.
  • The order has not been assigned to a particular writer yet and you have cancelled it.
  • We haven’t found a suitable writer to complete your order, that meaning the order has not been assigned to anyone. In this case we will let you know before the deadline is up and refund the full amount.
  • You don’t need the paper anymore, because the deadline wasn’t met. In this case you will get all your money back,but you are not able to use any materials that were sent to you during the writing process, including the paper. We also reserve the right to publish the paper online for commercial purposes.

You can get up to 70% of your money back, if the status of your order is “Pending“, that meaning the writer has already started working on the paper and therefore should be compensated.

You are eligible to ask for up to 50%refund in such situations:

  • We aren’t able to provide a writer for revision of your paper.
  • Order status is ‘Pending’ and half of the deadline has passed. At this point the writer has already been working on your order for a significant amount of time, which means he/she should be also compensated.

If the paper is late, which implies that the order is pending late or it has been already emailed to you late, the amount of refund will be adjusted. The new price will be recalculated according to the next deadline option. E.g. If you place your order with 2-3 days deadline and it is late, then the price is adjusted in accordance with the 4-7 days deadline.