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Marketing Project Paper


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Any college paper or project on marketing should have a specific plan. This article addresses ways of writing a good plan for a marketing project paper. As any research starts with an introduction paragraph, student should insert a detailed description of an organization he/she is writing about. In the body of the paper a writer should cover the following parts: environment and competitive analysis, SWOT analysis, four P’s, market environment, and legal forces, which may affect the industry. In the environmental analysis of a marketing project paper students must highlight all possible conditions or forces that may affect an organization’s survival.

This type of college essay paper should list all competitors present on the market. Moreover, in the competitive analysis section, a writer of a marketing project essay example should focus on possible suggestions on how to become a leader in the industry, like in marketing startegy essay. When examining external market environment, all legal forces and issues connected with the company should be acknowledged. Positioning of a product is another important factor to consider. In a marketing project paper students have to identify effective approaches to reach specific segments on the market. The information described above gives a general picture of the market and organization that operates in it.

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Four P’s and SWOT analysis of a Marketing Project Paper

Both SWOT analysis and 4 P’s (or marketing mix) are essential parts of any marketing paper. When preparing SWOT analysis, students should describe strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the given company or business. SWOT analysis involves specifying all possible external and internal forces that may affect organization’s well-being. Additionally, all favorable and unfavorable factors should be listed. Marketing project paper should also contain 4 P’s section, where product, price, place, and promotion will be described.

This part of the college paper should cover internal factors and characteristics of both a product and a company (geographical location, advertisement campaigns, profit, etc.). Both parts form a well-organized research paper and require good academic writing skills. Academic writing assistance agencies suggest students to read additional literature on the subject in order to get new ideas and examples, which may be included in a marketing paper.

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