How To Write An Essay

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How to Write an Essay: Step-by-step Guide

Below are a few easy steps you can follow to get you on your way to writing a good essay:

1. Plan the context

When essays are assigned to you, you are usually given a certain number of rules or parameters to follow. These are the things like- the length of your essay - which can be either in the amount of pages or number of words – the format of your paper – margins, font size, etc – and your targeted audience.

2. Choose a topic

If a topic has not already been assigned to you, then the whole world lies before you! You can narrow your choices down by brainstorming your subjects of interest. Once you have a list of things you would like to write about, narrow that list down even further by thinking of the topics you know best about. To be able to write about something, you have to know even a tiny bit about the topic, also be interested in it. Now that you have a certain topic in mind, make it more specific.

For example

Topic: Politics

Specific Topic: Politics in middle school

From there, you can start thinking of ideas on what you can write about your topic.

    A few tips on getting ideas on topics:
  • Write down a list of the most recent things you’ve read/watched about
  • Jot down things you’re interested in
  • Think of things you can’t stop talking about
  • What is something you would want to read about?
  • Think about your audience, or your readers, what do you think they should learn more about?

3. Research

You should know a bit about your chosen topic, although research is a good way to get more ideas and back up your claims. This makes your essay and the information you are writing down valid. Research is also a good way to gather ideas for the body of your essay. Research can also help with your introduction, by writing down startling facts, or events you can instantly grab your reader’s attention!

4. Plan your essay

By this time, you should have all your facts, ideas and thoughts down. Now, you should be able to organize them in the way you would like to present them. You should arrange all your points so that they have a nice flow and you don’t abruptly jump from one idea to the next.

5. Write the body of your essay

This is where you put all your main ideas and expound on them. Each idea should have its own paragraph. Usually, an essay consists of three to four main ideas; therefore you should have three to four main paragraphs in the body of your essay.

6. Write the conclusion of your essay

A conclusion summarizes all your main points. You are basically letting the reader know what you just told them, and how it all wraps together. A good conclusion should leave the reader with something to think about.

7. Write the introduction of your essay

The introduction should attract the reader in a way so that he/she would want to read further. You can start off with an attention grabber and then lead on to your thesis statement. The introduction should also let the readers know what they are about to read, without giving away your main ideas yet.

8. Revise and Proofread!

Now that you have all the parts to your essay, read over it as much as you please, and correct any grammatical errors, if any. This also gives you a chance to change some ideas you think need changing. Sometimes, your original essay plan is not the one you would end up sticking with. Read through your essay, and see if you are happy with it. If not, revise! Also remember- proofread, proofread, proofread!

Now that you are familiar with how to write a good essay, you should learn the parts of an essay.

Essay Topic

This is generally what your essay is about. The more specific your topic is the better. Once you have an idea of what topic you would like to write about, writing the body of your essay should become easier.

Essay Outline

The purpose of an outline is so that your ideas on the topic aren’t all over the place. You can do this by first jotting down a list of facts/thoughts you have on the topic, then writing down in which order you would like to present them. It is up to you on how you want the flow of your essay to go.

Essay Introduction

The introduction should be able to attract the reader’s attention! Start with an attention grabber, something like an anecdote, startling information or dialogue. This should be an opening, leading your readers to your thesis statement, which lets them know what point your essay will be making.

Essay Body

In the body of your essay, the topic you are writing about must now be explained, described or argued. Each main idea from your outline should now be expounded and made into paragraphs. These ideas should be elaborated, and they will flesh out the body of your essay.

Essay Conclusion

The conclusion now should wrap your essay up and bring closure to your reader. Leave them with a strong sentence, something that they can think about after reading your essay. This could be followed also by a few sentences summing all your main points up.

There are different types of essays you can write, depending on what you would like to achieve after your readers have read your essay.

How to Write an Essay: Persuasive Essays

This type of essay makes a claim, or takes a side on a certain topic. It is also commonly called an argumentative essay. You should be able to back up your claims with facts or statistics, should you choose this type of essay.

How to Write an Essay: Compare and Contrast Essays

This type of essay simply shows readers similarities and differences between two topics, giving equal amounts of information on both topics, not lending bias.

How to Write an Essay: Personal Essays

Most, if not all essays may be considered personal. Although, a personal essay demands the thoughts, opinions, ideas and personal feelings of the writer. When writing this type of essay, you should write in the first person.

How to Write an Essay: Process Essays

The main goal of a process essay is to clearly describe to your readers how something is done. When writing a process essay, you should have a clear understanding on what it is you want your audience learn. Your ideas should be written in a chronological order.

How to Write an Essay: Cause and Effect Essay

This type of essay is concerned with why things happen, what occurs as a result. Cause and Effect essays give readers more understanding of events, conditions, behavior, etc. Topics which cover environmental issues are often written this way.

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How To Write An Argumentative Essay

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