Cheap Essay Writing – What’s Cheap and What’s Not

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Our experts from BookWormLab tried hard to make you inspired!

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Essays are one of the most common assignment types across all types of educational institutions: high school, college, and university. This type of work does not involve copying and pasting existing information. In fact, it includes decent critical thinking skills, analysis, and creativity.

Many students try to combine study and work, or the status of young parents. This creates additional pressure and makes writing assignments more difficult. 

The best solution becomes finding good, ideally cheap, essay services online to take care of the writing assignments. Most services advertise themselves as cheap, however, this is often only on the surface. In reality, every essay writing business model has elements, which are relatively cheaper along with those, which cost more.

What’s cheap

The golden rule for those who want an affordable deal is to avoid tight deadlines. The default delivery speed for a standard essay is anything in between a week and two. This way one can count on the cheapest price, often as low as 5-10 USD per essay page, and the best paper quality. So if you have a two weeks deadline given by your professor to complete an essay task – do not waste a single day from this allowance and order a custom essay right away.

The other guideline for the price-conscious customer is the difficulty level – the easier the assignment, the lower the price. Most essay services will not charge much for the standard 1-3 page essay of a common type – narrative, argumentative, compare & contrast, or expository essay.

Also, a good tactic would be to register as a new customer – in this case, essay services offer nice discounts and even a sample page completely free of charge. Some companies give as much as 25-30% off on the first order.

Not being particularly picky about writer expertise and or additional options would also result in a lower final price. In general, always inquire about the company’s pricing policy to avoid unpleasant financial surprises in the end. 

What’s not cheap

In custom essay writing, speed of delivery is always associated with higher costs. Some services offer one day or even a few hours delivery speed, which can be really pricey – up to 40 USD per page.

Besides, the price of an essay order greatly depends upon a complexity level. The higher the complexity – the higher the price. Graduate-level papers, urgent admission essays, scholarship applications, and any other difficult tasks will most likely cost more. 

The same refers to the variability. If you are looking for a custom essay in a highly specialized discipline (for example, philosophy, physics, biology, etc.), the majority of writing agencies may not have relevant specialists in those, while those who do have such specialists, will charge you more.

Also, the cost may get higher for non-standard style and formatting requirements, e.g.: Turabian book style, particular language preferences, such as British language, and so on.   

Especially demanding customers can select a writer’s expertise level, such as an advanced or top level. Additionally, certain essay agencies offer the so-called double-writer option – when a complex order gets simultaneously written by two independent writers. Later the client gets to choose the best paper, and pays the double price for such a service, of course. 

The bottom line

In general, going with anything other than standard order options will always cost you more. Often the difference in price becomes several times over the standard setup. 

While there are writing services that initially charge less, there are also those that only appear cheap at the first glance. The latter can be very good at announcing the basic offer price while hiding the cost of options and extra features.

That said, be advised to always check the complete price list on the company’s website. It is also worth talking to a customer support agent upfront to get to know the precise end cost of your particular assignment.